Best Tumble Dryers 2021

The Best Tumble Dryers for Budget, Convenience and Style

Hello  and welcome to Appliance Deals and we work with many partners in the electrical industry to find you to best deals on electricals with over 50,000 items in stock, We also have a very good tumble dryer sale on right now with the largest range online, however let’s just talk dryers, here’s our top picks of tumble dryers for 2021. Before we dive in let’s bust through some of that industry jargon.

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Heat pump tumble dryers 

Heat pump dryers are the most eco-friendly type of dryer as it uses special technology to dry the clothes. Which is not only better for the environment but your wallet too, The technology circulates hot air in the drum to withdraw moisture from the clothes which then evaporates into a tank, fairly similar to a condenser dryer in terms of look and operation but a much friendlier option. According to some experts  you can save up to 50% annually on energy bills by choosing a heat pump dryer over a condenser or vented

Vented tumble dryers

Usually the most affordable of the types of dryer, if you’re searching price low to high you’re almost guaranteed to see a vented dryer first, it works by removing warm air through a window hose or an external vent says. Usually a vent is either a small hole in the wall or out of the spare room window, you can purchase dryer converter kits for about £20 which effectively capture the moisture instead and you emptier it out afterwards, although I’d recommend just purchasing a condenser or heat pump dryer instead if you’re not keen on opening the window, some vented dryers and some come with a venting kit, need to be installed by a professional.

Condenser tumble dryers

Typically usually the most popular and middle range in terms of affordability, the benefits are there’s no hose attached so no need to open the window or use a vent hole as well as the freedom of being able to put the machine in almost any room of the house although they are slightly heavier than vented dryers and we’d always recommend a well ventilated room. Condenser dryers capture the water you use in a tank which either located at the top or bottom of the machine and usually holds 5 litres, although please don’t wait for it to fill up before emptying, we’d recommend after every use.


There are many other features to look out for when looking at what dryer to purchase other than just the type of dryer :

  • Programming: The best tumble dryers have a few heat settings, for example for cottons, synthetics or delicates, helping you keep your clothes in top condition for longer. 

  • Drum size: similar to a washing machine they come in all size of drum, Larger drum sizes are more energy efficient because they’ll dry more clothes in less time. Most dryers  from 7kg to 9kg. 

  • Child locks: To prevent the kids from messing around with the machine. – recommended!. 

  • LED lighting : a really handy tool on a lot of modern machine as it helps indicate when your machine needs emptying or cleaning as well as giving you information on the current cycle .

  • Energy efficiency: These days, machines are given ratings from A to G, with A+++ the most efficient. Newer appliances tend to be better, but it depends on how long a cycle takes and how often you use your machine as well. 

  • Integrated dryer vs freestanding dryer. Integrated tumble dryers can fit within your cupboards and be hidden. Freestanding ones are not built-in, which means they’ll be in sight but can usually be put almost anywhere in the house and tend to have greater capacity . 

With all this in mind, here are some of the best tumble dryers on the market right now to suit all budgets.

Best for Budget

Indesit Eco Time IDV75 7Kg Vented Tumble Dryer

Indesit Eco Time IDV75 7Kg Vented Tumble Dryer - White - B Rated  AO SALE

From £179

  • 7kg drum capacity – great for medium-sized households
  • Programme the cycle to end after a set amount of time
  • 9 drying programmes to choose from
  • Dedicated setting takes care of synthetic fabrics

Enjoy fantastic results with this brilliant Indesit vented tumble dryer, in white. Thanks to its 7kg drum capacity, it’ll effortlessly work through the pile of clean laundry in any small to medium-sized household. With its really handy timed drying options, its 9 programmes let you choose the ideal settings to suit you and there’s even a useful synthetics option, which takes the best care of your more delicate items.

Best for Couples

Hoover Dynamic Next DXOC8TG with WiFi

Hoover Dynamic Next DXOC9TCG Wifi Connected 9Kg Condenser Tumble Dryer - White - B Rated

From £239

  • 8kg drum capacity – great for medium-sized households
  • Moisture is collected in a tank that’s easy to empty
  • Dries multiple fabrics in the same cycle
  • Cupboard Dry leaves clothes dry enough to put away
  • Dimensions (cm) – H85 x W60 

Get ready for the week ahead with this Hoover tumble dryer. Its 8kg drum capacity makes it a great helping hand in any medium-sized household, and as it’s also a condenser model, the water that’s pulled from your clothes is collected in an easy-to-empty tank. The handy All in One programme lets you wash different fabrics together too, like delicate underwear and heavy sweatshirts, so they’ll always come out in lovely condition. And thanks to the Cupboard Dry setting, which dries your laundry to perfection, all your jeans and t-shirts will be ready to go straight into the wardrobe as soon as they’ve left the machine.

Best for Families

Candy Smart CSC10DF 10Kg Tumble Dryer

Candy Smart CSC10DF 10Kg Condenser Tumble Dryer - White - B Rated

From £249


  • 10kg drum capacity – great for large households
  • Automatically adjusts settings to take care of clothes
  • Sensors work out the perfect drying time
  • Control your appliance with an Android smartphone app
  • Dimensions (cm) – H85 x W60 x D60

Enjoy perfect results every time with this Candy tumble dryer. It has a generous 10kg capacity, so it’s great if you live in a large household. This model is really efficient too, with a clever KG Detector that weighs your clothes when you load the drum, so it uses just the right amount of time and energy. And, because it also has sensor drying technology which detects how much moisture they’re holding, it will stop the cycle as soon as your garments are dry, protecting them from damage. You can even check on your programme and download new ones from your compatible Android smartphone, thanks to Smart Touch control

And there you have it our quick guide to the top dryers available on the market right now. searches for the best deals on the market from all leading manufacturers  and retailers finding you the best deals, all current tumble dryers and laundry can be found by hitting the browse laundry button above. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us and we will get back in touch as soon as possible. Happy Shopping.

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