What is the Best Washing Machine?

Our Guide to the Best Washing Machines available in 2021

Best Washing Machines of 2021. You’re probably here because you’re unsure of what washing machine to purchase, you fancied a browse or because you’ve accidentally clicked on the wrong link, but we’ll assume you’re here because you don’t know what washing machine to buy.

Washing machines are often undervalued household appliances that have been part of British homes for the last 50 years or so, before that you’d be scrubbing your clothes clean by hand or using a plain wringer but we’ll forget about that and leave it in the past where it belongs. Let’s fast forward to 2021 where we like to simply press a button and forget about all it and take it for granted. Before I throw some brands and model numbers at you that will mean absolutely nothing to you let’s undo the washing machine jargon.

Drum Size

All washing machines come with different capacity sizes.  This isn’t what the total weight of the machine is although your delivery driver wishes it was, it’s the amount of laundry your machine can handle in one load. Typically capacity sizes range from 5kg-12kg with around 7-8kg being the most common.

What drum size is suitable for you

6kg  1-2 people
7kg  Small family
8kg  Medium sized family
10kg Large family

Spin Speeds

Spin Speeds refer to the amount of times the drum in the washing machine spins around in a minute, the higher the spin speed the more water is removed at the end of a cycle. Typically spin speeds vary between 1000rpm to 1600rpm.

Freestanding or Integrated

Most washing machines are either freestanding or integrated, freestanding machines can be placed either on their own or under a counter and easily moved, whilst integrated machines are usually built into kitchen units.

Energy ratings

Every appliance carries an industry-standard energy efficiency rating label. The grading runs from A-G, A is the most efficient and best both for your utility bills and the environment. Please note this is changing in the near future due to Brexit.

Why not save more energy by washing at 30°. Many modern machines now have the ability to wash at 30° saving you 40% of the energy used by washing at 40°. This means you can save money and energy without compromising on performance.



Most manufacturers work to standard sizes. Just for the record, the standard size for washers is 60cm wide by 85cm high. When you’re ordering, just check the dimensions to make sure you’re buying the right size for you.

Fuzzy Logic

Many washing machines include this intelligent technology to monitor the internal environment of the machine. It then adjusts the time the cycle takes, the amount of detergent used, the amount of water needed to rinse and finally the amount of energy used, dependent on the load, to ensure you get maximum results with minimum waste.

Now the jargon is out of the way let’s get down to business and find out what size washer you need. Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to energy usage or your wallet so be sensible in what you choose, go for too big and you’ll be wasting water, choose too small and you’ll find yourself using it more.

Do I really need all the snazzy functions?
In truth, probably not. Most people tend to just use the quick wash or boil wash options and ignore everything else. If you’re a Hay fever sufferer or have any allergies then maybe a machine with an allergy setting would be beneficial but again think about how often you’ll actually use it. Do you need Bluetooth and WIFI on your washing machine? Again, probably not so keep those extra pounds in your pocket.

Right, Let’s get down to it.


9kg capacity
1200rpm spin
RRP £229     

In our view this machine ticks all of the boxes with it’s huge 9kg capacity, speedy 1200rpm spin, various allergen cycles which is ideal for those with allergies to hay fever, pets, dust and those with extra sensitive skin. It also has a short 28 minute quick wash cycle as well as a Half Load setting which means sensors will weigh your load and automatically adjust the water usage to suit, making it very efficient and really environmentally friendly. as well as a great energy rating.


Dimensions – (H)84.0 x (W)60.0 x (D)64cm

Noise Level (Spin) 72 dB 

Wash Load 9 Kg 

Energy Rating A+++ 

Max Spin Speed 1200 rpm

Variable Temperature Yes

Quick Wash Time 28mins

Quick Wash Yes 

Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year


10kg capacity
1400rpm spin
RRP £479

The mammoth drum size of this LG Washing machine ensures your clothes get a superior clean, it boasts a 10kg drum which is ideal the choice for large households. It also ensures your items are given the best  care possible thanks to the innovative 6 Motion Direct Drive technology, which alters the movement of the drum depending on the fabric inside. The machine also uses gentle steam to remove up to 99.9% of allergens.


Dimensions  (H)85.0 x (W)60.0 x (D)61.0 cm

Noise Level (Spin)  73 dB 

Wash Load 10 Kg 

Energy Rating   A+++ 

Max Spin Speed 1400 rpm

Variable Temperature Yes

Indesit My Time EWD71452WUKN

Indesit My Time EWD71452WUKN 7Kg Washing Machine with 1400 rpm - White - A+++ Rated AO SALE

 7kg capacity
 1400rpm spin
RRP £209

This My Time Washing Machine by Indesit is a good choice for medium sized households with it’s 7kg caoacity. You’ll have six My Time daily cycles to choose from as well, which can clean your outfits in under an hour. These include two for cottons, two for mixed fabrics, one for synthetics, and a 20 minute express setting if you’re in a hurry.  so it’s kinder to your purse and the environment. And to keep your cosy jumpers looking their best, just select the Wool Programme for a gentle, low temperature wash.


Noise Level (Spin) 77 dB

Wash Load 7 Kg

Energy Rating  A+++

Max Spin Speed  1400rpm

Variable Temperature Yes

Annual Energy Cost Based On 15.40p/Unit26.95

Quick Wash  No


Hoover HBWS48D1E Integrated Washing Machine

Hoover HBWS48D1E Integrated Washing Machine with 1400 rpm - White - A+++ Rated AO SALE

8kg capacity
1400rpm spin
RRP £369

The HBWS481DE from Hoover is an ideal choice for anyone  looking to integrate their washer into their kitchen, Its 8kg drum capacity makes it an ideal addition to any medium-large sized household, and because it comes with a 14 minute quick wash, making it perfect for those days when you’re in a rush. The efficient economy programme uses lower temperatures and less water as well, so you’ll be sure to save some money on your monthly bills. Plus, if you’ve got a few lacklustre jumpers that are in need of a good sprucing up, the wool cycle uses gentle drum movement to stop delicate fibres snagging, keeping everything softer and in better shape for longer.

Dimensions(H)82.0 x (W)59.6 x (D)57.0

Noise Level (Spin)  77 dB

Energy Rating  A+++

Max Spin Speed 1400rpm

Variable Temperature Yes

Quick Wash Time  14 Minutes

Quick Wash  Yes

Manufacturer Warranty  1 Year

Hotpoint NSWM1043CBSUK 10Kg Washing Machine

10kg capacity
1400rpm spin
RRP £339

The Huge 10kg drum in this Hotpoint washing machine makes it perfect for larger families or those that do a lot of laundry, it’s 1400rpm spin means you can whizz through it in no time and it also comes with an Anti-Stain programme to drive out stubborn marks.

This precisely controls the temperature to create the best treatment for your clothes, banishing up to 20 of the most common stains. If someone in your family suffers from sensitive skin, the Anti-Allergy setting adds extra rinses to make sure that every fleck of detergent is removed from fabrics – lessening the dreaded itch. And because it has a Steam Hygiene setting too, vapour is added into the drum towards the end of the cycle, giving clothes a really intense clean.

Dimensions(H)85.0 x (W)59.5 x (D)60.5

Noise Level (Spin)  76 dB 

Wash Load  10 Kg 

Energy Rating  A+++ 

Max Spin Speed  1400 RPM 

Variable Temperature  Yes

Quick Wash Time 30 Minutes

Quick Wash Yes 

Things to remember
Measure the area the machine is going into, it will save you the hassle of either getting the saw out and chopping your way through cupboards or asking the delivery team to come back and pick it up! most washing machines tend to be 60cm in width, and somewhere between 80 to 85cm in height too.

And there you have it. The Appliance-Deals.com guide of the Best Washing machines of 2021, I hope you all have found this useful and keep an eye out for more of our buying guides from Appliance Deals.  
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