Tumble Dryers. Vented vs Condenser vs Heat Pump

Tumble Dryers. Vented vs Condenser vs Heat Pump. Your guide to everything Tumble Dryer

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Tumble Dryers. Ah where to start? Price? Size? Functions? Value for money? Let’s begin by getting through some of the jargon.

What is a Vented Dryer?

Vented vs Condenser vs Heat Pump
Indesit Eco Time IDV 75 Vented Dryer

Vented Dryers tend to be the most common type of tumble out there, usually they feature a long hose connected to the dryer which then disposes the water collected from drying your clothes As the water exits the dryer by the hose it either needs to be installed with a vent in the wall or near to a window to hang the hose out of.

What is a Condenser Tumble Dryer?

Vented vs Condenser vs Heat Pump
Samsung Condenser Dryer

Condenser dryers. Unlike vented dryers the water in this type of machine is collected in a container either installed at the top or bottom of the machine, typically these are around 5L in size meaning they can hold a good deal of water. Most machines will tell you when it needs emptying but we’d recommend it’s done after every use.

The main benefit of a condenser dryer is you can place it in almost any room of the home as it doesn’t need to be near a wall or window, just a plug socket!.

Heat pump dryers. They tend to be similar to a condenser dryer but vary slightly Which we’ll explain below, although in a nutshell they can be stored almost anywhere similarly to a condenser dryer.

How do they Work?

Vented tumble dryers draw and heat air from the room in which it’s located. The warm air is then blown around the drum as the clothes spin. The warm air passing through the clothes causes the moisture in the material to evaporate, and the air is then vented outside through the hose. This is why the water leaves the hose as steam and not liquid.

Condenser tumble dryers work slightly differently. Instead of venting water by heating it, a condenser dryer works by condensing the warm air from the wet clothes into water. Once the air condenses into water, it is channelled into the reservoir.

Heat pump dryers. They tend to be similar to a condenser dryer but vary slightly. The air in a heat pump dryer uses hot air to absorb moisture from your clothes in order to dry them. Once this air has circulated around the drum it goes out of an evaporator which removes the moisture, which is collected as condensation and stored into a tank like a condenser dryer but the remaining air is then re-heated and sent back to the drum to start the cycle again and continue drying your clothes. This process is ongoing throughout the cycle.

Reasons to Buy a Vented Dryer?

The main reason to buy a vented dryer is usually cost, they are typically 20-30% cheaper than condenser dryers or heat pump dryers. Another benefit is any moisture collected is disposed of immediately and no water tank to empty after use. Also vented dryers tend to be very lightweight meaning it’s not a struggle to get them up the stairs or into a different room.

Reasons to Buy a Condenser Dryer?

As mentioned previously one of the benefits is condenser dryers can be stored almost anywhere which is a massive positive if you haven’t got much choice in where you put the machine, it also helps not having to have windows open or vents in the wall.

Reasons to Buy a Heat Pump Dryer?

The main reasons to buy a heat pump dryer are it’s typically more economical, they cost less to run and are much better for the environment. Like condenser dryers they can be put almost anywhere too.

So what Shall I Buy?

It all comes down to what your priorities are, if you’re looking for the cheapest tumble dryer available then we’d suggest a vented dryer, if you’re looking for a bit more convenience then a condenser dryer is an ideal option as they can go anywhere and cost a bit less to run. Or if you’re priorities are saving the planet, your bills and clothes then a heat pump dryer is best for you, although they do take slightly longer to run.

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What is the Cheapest Tumble Dryer?

Indesit Eco Time IDV75 7Kg Vented Tumble Dryer - White - B Rated  AO SALE

The Indesit EcoTime IDV75 7kg Tumble Dryer is the cheapest available tumble dryer currently and is available for around £179.

Product overview
7kg drum capacity – Perfect for medium-sized households.
9 different drying programmes to choose from.
Dedicated synthetic fabric settings.
Dimensions (cm) – H85 x W59.5 x D58.4

Product Overview
Enjoy amazing drying results with the amazing Indesit vented tumble dryer IDV75, thanks to its ideal 7kg drum capacity, it effortlessly ploughs through the pile of laundry in any medium-sized household. You can select how long the cycle will run for, so you’ll know exactly what time your outfits will be dried. Whether you’re drying winter jumpers or t shirts its 9 programmes let you choose the ideal settings. There’s even a useful synthetics option, which takes the best care of your favourite nylon blouses and polyester trousers.

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