Best Fridge Freezer Guide 2021

Best Fridge Freezer Guide of 2021. We review all the top brands so you can keep food fresher for longer with one of these modern and energy efficient models for 2021.

best fridge freezers under £300 guide 2021

Things to consider when buying a Fridge Freezer

Before we dive in and start reviewing fridge freezers and throwing model numbers at you let’s start this by telling you that of the fridge freezers listed here all do an excellent job of keeping your food chilled or frozen, rest assured those Burgers will remain juicy, ice cubes solid and those beers ice cool.

The biggest difference when it comes to refrigeration products and more specifically fridge freezers is not just colour and features but capacity. You need to select a solid fridge freezer that has enough space to store all your goods without stress.

When looking at refrigeration it’s worth also looking at where you’ll be keeping the machine, for example an all in one fridge freezer will give you more space than having two separate under counter units and probably save you a bit of money too.

Most fridge freezers have a capacity somewhere between 200L and 600L. Large households, or smaller ones that make a lot of meals at home, will probably need something at the higher end of the capacity spectrum. often in the modern form of American-style fridge freezers the modern day yank tank of the refrigeration world or a tall single-door option.

Smaller households, or just those that are often out for dinner or dining in with a take away will probably find a smaller capacity is sufficient.

Another aspect of capacity is the sizing between fridge space and freezer space. Historically many fridge freezers had a split of around 70/30 in favour of fridge space, but some others nowadays cater more generously for frozen goods with a 50/50 ratio. If you like to freeze large items such as joints of meat, those turkeys still from Christmas when the supermarket has knocked them to a few pounds or even the usual frozen veg an appliance with plenty of freezer space is obviously a better option for you.

Sound, Energy and a few other bits

I’m not sure how many of you actually read the full specifications of an appliance before purchasing but it’s common to think that some fridges could be quite noisy, however most tend to range from 35dB to 45dB and anything above 50 is considered noisy, anything above 60 is extra noisy and anything above 100 is a problem.

If you tend to find noisy appliances infuriating then it really does pay off to check the full specs of the fridge freezers you are considering, and probably best to choose the quieter option where possible as you can’t nudge your fridge down onto the sofa when it’s irritating like you might a partner.

Another important fridge freezer specification is the energy rating, keep this in mind as energy ratings are changing as of March 2021, Please read our guide here on what it means for you signalling the energy-efficiency of the appliance. Running a fridge freezer will cost you around £40-£60 per year in electricity so remember that choosing an energy efficient appliance could save you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds over the life of the appliance. Energy ratings are calculated relative to the capacity of the appliance, so do bear in mind that a smaller fridge freezer may cost less to run than a larger one with a better energy rating.

Something else to consider is the Interior design of the fridge freezer, remember you’ll be gazing into this fridge numerous times per day for the next decade or so, so it’s worth getting one you like the look of. Most fridge freezers are white, black or silver appliances, although nowadays you can get them in almost any funky colour just like the SMEG FPD34AS Which gives any kitchen a funky retro feel.

The Best Fridge Freezers 2021 - Our Top 3 Picks

Beko CRFG3582W

Great Deal




Star Buy

Samsung RB31FDRNDSA Fridge Freezer

Samsung RB Combi Range RB31FDRNDSS 70/30 Frost Free Fridge Freezer - Stainless Steel - A+ Rated AO SALE

RRP £449 Appliance Rating 9/10

Store your fresh food safely in the large RB31FDRNDSA . The fridge freezer offers an impressive 210 litres of space with four easy slide adjustable tempered glass shelves so that you can easily store your food. It also features an easy slide shelf. This is built on rolling hinges and pulls out, so you can efficiently organize and easily access your food items – and see exactly what you have stored in the back.

There’s ample space for fresh fruit, vegetables and eggs thanks to the salad crisper and egg rack, and the dairy compartment is ideal for products such as butter and cheese.

Chilling bottles and cans is a breeze as this fridge freezer has a wine rack, bottle rack and a can rack.

The Samsung RB31FDRNDSA also offers a large frozen storage space, 98 litres in total, which is ideal for storing frozen food for your family. There are three clear-fronted drawers that make it easy to see what you have in the 4-star freezer. Multi Flow Cooling vents provide rapid cooling and keep the temperature even throughout the fridge. On top of this, anti-bacterial protection helps to prevent the growth of potentially harmful bacteria.

Acting as a time-saver, the Samsung RB31FDRNDSA 70/30 Fridge Freezer features Samsung’s No Frost system. This maintains a constant temperature in every corner of the refrigerator, keeping perishable food fresh nutritious and eliminating frost and the build-up of ice. Its improved efficiency places less demand on the cooling system, increasing its durability, and avoids the need to waste power on defrosting.

Smeg FAB32LPK5 60/40 Frost Free Fridge Freezer

RRP £1600. Appliance Rating 8/10

Roll back to the 1950’s and store more of your favourite food and drinks with this stylish and very popular Smeg fridge freezer, it has a large 331 litre capacity, it can hold around 20 bags of food shopping. And thanks to the modern frost free technology constantly circulating cool air inside the unit itself it’ll preventing  build ups of ice, you’ll never have to manually defrost again so saving you another job!. 

There’s also a handy Salad Crisper drawer to keep all your fruit and veg organised, making it easier to find the iceberg of lettuce or cucumber for your lunchtime salad!. You’ll love its retro design too, as it’ll add a cool 50s twist to your kitchen.

Bosch Serie 6 KIN85AFE0G Integrated 50/50 Fridge Freezer

RRP £1099. Appliance Rating 9.5/10

Grab a fantastic deal with the solid Bosch Serie 6 KIN85AFE0G Integrated 50/50 Fridge Freezer. It offers 155 litres of space in the fridge and 92 litres in the freezer, so you can easily store your food without needing to chuck it all in and hope the door closes!

You can easily swap out the shelves to create more space – ideal for stacking pizzas and the weekend wine! There’s also an extra-deep Big Box drawer that’s great for freezing larger items, like turkeys or birthday cakes. 
It’s easy to find your food in the Bosch KIN85AFE0G. The bright LED lighting will give you a clear overview of everything inside the fridge and freezer. 

When you’re just back from the shops, use the Automatic Super Freezing function to quickly lower the temperature in the freezer. This helps lock in flavours and nutrients, and prevents older items from accidentally defrosting.
Never manually defrost again with the Bosch KIN85AFE0G. Frost-free technology prevents ice from building up, so you can save yourself a chore, and make the most of the available space.

Bosch deliver time and time again with every appliance and although the up front cost is usually a tad more expensive than other brands it’s worth it as Bosch is built to last!. No surprise that this ended up on our list of the best fridge freezers

Beko CFG1790DS 50/50 Frost Free Fridge Freezer - Silver

Beko CFG1790DS 50/50 Frost Free Fridge Freezer - Silver - A+ Rated AO SALE

RRP £499. Appliance Rating 8.5/10

Brilliant Beko. Again no wonder why this made it onto our Best Fridge Freezers guide as it’s a decent and stylish machine at a very affordable price. Keep your groceries fresher for longer with this fridge freezer from Beko. It has a capacity of 340 litres which means it can hold 20 standard bags of shopping, making it ideal for stocking up on all your favourite food, drinks and the weekend binge!.

It has an Auto Defrost function too, so you won’t have to use the scraper to keep ice at bay, as cool air constantly circulates to prevent frost from forming. The water dispenser gives you ice cool water from a tank in the door and because it doesn’t need any extra plumbing, you can place it wherever you want in the kitchen. There’s also a handy wine rack in the fridge, so the Christmas champagne or weekend wine will remain fine! 

Zanussi ZNME36FU0 70/30 Frost Free Fridge Freezer

Zanussi ZNME36FU0 Free Standing Fridge Freezer Frost Free in White

RRP £499. Appliance Rating 8/10

About time one of these made it onto our best fridge freezers list!. Stylish 70/30 split fridge freezer is ideal for those who are always in need of more refrigerator space than freezer space. It has a 360 litre capacity and holds about 22 full bags of food shopping. The fridge and freezer have separate cooling systems too, keeping the perfect climate for your fresh and frozen food, meaning everything you buy will always stay fresher for longer.

There’s also a handy Salad Crisper drawer to keep your fruit and veg nicely organised, so those ingredients for a healthy mixed salad are easy to find.  It also comes with easily removeable and reversible doors meaning it can go almost anywhere in the kitchen and you can switch it up as and when you please!. Great feature for those with awkward kitchens or looking to move.

Bosch Serie 2 KGN34NWEAG 50/50 Fridge Freezer

Bosch KGN34NWEAG 297 Litre Freestanding Fridge Freezer 60/40 Split Frost Free 60cm Wide - White

RRP £369 Appliance Rating 8/10

As we all know Bosch is a solid brand with an equally solid reputation and even more solid appliances and it’s no wonder why this made it onto our list of the best fridge freezers to buy 2021. With a generous 297 litres of capacity you will be able to fit in all your favourites with ease, particularly with handy features like the Big Box, which offers extra space for those larger items.

Multi Air Flow systems keep a constant supply of air through the compartments, which maintains the temperature for perfectly stored food. Your lettuce will remain crispy, your carrots crunchy and your ice cream creamy. As this model is also frost free, you can save yourself time and bother as you won’t have to manually defrost again!.

HISENSE RS694N4BB1 American Style Fridge Freezer

Hisense RS694N4BB1 American Fridge Freezer - Black - A+ Rated

RRP £999. Appliance Rating 10/10

The Hisense RS694N4TB1 American-Style Fridge Freezer features Total No Frost technology, which removes the need to manually defrost the appliance. Along with multi airflow cooling in the fridge compartment, this saves you time and hassle so that you spend more of your spare time doing the things you enjoy.

Non-plumbed water and ice dispenser

Eager for a chilled drink during those warm summer months? You can enjoy instant access to both chilled water and ice from the RS694N4TB1‘s dispenser. Using an internal water tank, you won’t need to worry about getting the appliance plumbed – simply refill the water tank whenever it’s getting low. An expensive fridge freezer but as with everything American bigger is usually better and we’d thoroughly recommend forking out that bit extra and going the extra mile if space and style is what you’re looking for!. 

Candy BCBS172TK/N Integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer

RRP £329. Appliance Rating 8/10

Check out the handy Candy Fridge Freezer – Cheesy I know but couldn’t resist. Store more of your  favourite snacks with this larder fridge freezer from Candy. It has a 181 litre capacity, holding 10 bags of tasty groceries. And because it comes with Auto Defrost technology, condensation is sent to an evaporation dish, preventing ice from forming in the first place.

If you’re stocking up on apples for the school lunches, the Salad Crisper drawer keeps them organised and easy to find. Plus, you can choose whether the reversible door opens from the right or left, so it’ll always suit your kitchen’s layout and look fantastic.

Haier HSR3918EWPG American Fridge Freezer

Haier HSR3918EWPG American Fridge Freezer - Silver - A++ Rated

RRP £799. Appliance Rating 8/10

Hey yeah! about time we added one of these bad boys to the list. Haier is a solid brand which is becoming more and more popular and it’s easy to see why, hence why we’ve added it to our best fridge freezers list!. if you fancy fewer grocery trips then you’ll love this American fridge freezer from Haier.

Arguably one of the best  fridge freezers and most affordable American style on the market It has a generous 521 litre capacity, meaning it can hold up to 28 bags of food shopping. And you won’t even need to manually defrost it, as No Frost technology circulates cool air to prevent ice from building up in the first place.

There’s also a non-plumbed water dispenser, giving you fresh drinks on tap whenever you’re thirsty. Plus, the Holiday Setting cuts down on the power it uses while you’re away. All you need to do is take out any ingredients that might spoil, and it’ll increase the temperature so it uses less energy.

Beko CRFG3582W 50/50 Frost Free Fridge Freezer

Beko CRFG3582W 50/50 Frost Free Fridge Freezer - White - A+ Rated

RRP £279. Appliance Rating 7/10

Another Brilliant Beko Bargain! this time the Beko CRFG3582W Fridge Freezer Keep your ingredients for Sunday roasts and other recipes fresh for longer with this fridge freezer from Beko.

It has a 263 litre capacity, which means it can hold 16 bags of food shopping. Thanks to its frost free technology, you never have to manually defrost again – cool air circulates to prevent icy build-ups. And the Salad Crisper drawer makes organising fruit and veg easy as pie for when you want a healthy snack. Also, the reversible doors can be installed to open from the right or left to suit your kitchen’s layout.

Hotpoint H3T811IOX1 60/40 Fridge Freezer - Stainless Steel Effect

Hotpoint H3T811IOX1 60/40 Fridge Freezer - Stainless Steel Effect - A+ Rated AO SALE

RRP £379. Appliance Rating 8/10

Hot Hotpoint Deal!

Stock up on all the family favourites with this stainless steel effect fridge freezer from Hotpoint. It has just shy of a 340 litre capacity, meaning it can hold around 20 bags of the food shop.

The freezer is frost free too, so you’ll never have to spend time chipping away at ice to keep things running smoothly. And if crunchy salads are a common sight on the dinner table, there’s a handy Fresh+ Zone which keeps your fruit and veg fresh without fuss. It makes grabbing those ingredients easier too. This model also comes with reversible doors, which helps it fit into the layout of your kitchen.

NEFF N70 KI7863DF0G Integrated 70/30 Frost Free Fridge Freezer

NEFF N70 KI7863DF0G Integrated 60/40 Frost Free Fridge Freezer with Fixed Door Fixing Kit - White - A++ Rated

RRP £1,079. Appliance Rating 9.5/10

Neff. The integrated appliance masters, it’s easy to see why this Makes it onto our list of the best fridge freezers 2021. Make the most of the weekly shop with this integrated fridge freezer from Neff. It has just shy of a 260 litre storage capacity, meaning it can hold around 16 bags of food.

And it will never need manually defrosting, as cool air prevents icy build-ups in the freezer, so you can put away the hairdryer or blowtorch  and leave the scraping for the driveway in the winter plus, thanks to the handy adjustable shelves, you’ll be able to fit in those big coke bottles or cream cakes with ease.

This model also comes with reversible doors that can be opened from the left or right, giving you the flexibility to place it wherever you like in your kitchen.

So what is the Best Fridge Freezer of 2021?

Well, it’s a bit hard to say as everyone shops for different reasons, however we have narrowed it down to just one model that offers a solid and high performance with a modern design at a mid-market price and as much space as possible for the budget. 

The Beko CFG1790DS Fridge Freezer gives you a decent appliance for your money, combining style and practicality to give you a top quality machine which is fit for almost any home. 

If you want to go all out then perhaps consider the Haier HSR3918EWPG American Fridge Freezer as it’s a top quality machine for your buck and tops our list for the best all rounder.

As Always you can shop the latest deals online at 

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