Best 10kg Washing Machines

Find the top 5 Best 10kg Washing Machines available in 2021.

Washing Machines nowadays have become more important than ever before as our lives get busier and busier our appliances need to keep up and be able to produce results even quicker than the last one you had, we’re constantly seeing spin sizes increase, quick washes get even quicker and now you’re seeing drum sizes begin to creep up higher also, back in the day it was only commercial washing machines that had a 10kg capacity, yet here we are now listing them for you from about £300. With around 50 different makes and models of 10kg drums on the market it’s hard to determine what is actually good value and good quality, but I’m hoping we can help with that. Before we dive in let’s look at a few things.

Do I really need a 10kg washing machine?

The answer is…. it depends. If you are a single person living alone and only using your machine once or twice per week then there is probably little benefit to you buying a machine with a big drum capacity, you’ll probably end up using more water than required and not getting your money’s worth out of the unit. However if you are a family or somebody who finds themselves constantly using their machine then it might be a good idea to look to invest in your washer and pick yourself up a washing machine 10kg.

What are the benefits of a 10kg washer?

The benefits to having a 10kg washer are quite simple, it has a larger drum meaning you can fit more clothing and other items into your machine each cycle. Usually a machine with a higher capacity tends to have a higher spin speed also, meaning you not only squeeze that bit extra in the machine but it also gets the job done that bit quicker too.

Right. Let’s crack on and look into The Best 10kg Washing machines available right here and now in the UK in 2021.

Hoover H-WASH 300 H3W4102DE 

The first one on our list of the best 10kg washing machines is this amazing appliance from Hoover. It’s a great choice for medium-large sized households, it has a solid 10kg capacity, 1400rpm spin as well as a  Quick Wash setting as well, which let you choose between just 14 minutes and 60 minutes depending on the amount of laundry you want to chuck in. All your items will come out fresh and free from bacteria and allergens too, as it has the special Hygiene+ cycle. Plus, the Hoover Wizard app lets you monitor this model with your smartphone, so if you’re on the go you can keep an eye on it too. 2021 at it’s best. This unit retails at around £300 although can be found here for just £269 currently.

Hotpoint NSWM1043CBSUKN 10Kg Washing Machine

This solid 10kg capacity 1400spin washer from Hotpoint is ideal for those who want a black 10kg washing machine with good functionality too. Not only does it comes with everything you’d need in a machine of this size it also uses a steam hygiene function too which basically adds steam towards the end of the cycle to your clothes making them feel lovely and soft before you get it out as well as anti-allergy settings too which is ideal for those hay fever sufferers. Can be found here for just £310.

Haier HW100-B1439N 10Kg Washing Machine

The HW100-B1439N from Haier is a quality machine which is ideal for those large or busier households. It has a super fast quick was setting that washes your clothes in as little as 15 Minutes! making it ideal if you’re in a hurry to be anywhere. It also has a steam function which will help reduce creases after cycle too, the best bit of all? it has a direct motion motor which means the appliance uses frictionless magnets that are very quiet rather than brushes which tend to be much noisier. RRP for this is £329 and can be found here

Zanussi Lindo300 ZWF01483WR 10Kg Washing Machine

This washer from Zanussi has everything you want to tackle laundry days. Not a surprise that this has ended up on our list of the best 1-kg washing machines available. Large and in charge!. Not only does it benefit from the good size drum but it also has Aqua Fall technology which means it makes the most out of the water and detergents and effectively showers your clothing and leaves them feeling soft afterwards. The Quick Wash Function means that it can go from dirt to clean in under 30 minutes and also comes with a brushless motor meaning it’s very quiet too. The Zanussi Lindo 300 ZWFO1483WR can be found here and retails at around £429.

Sharp ES-NFH014CAC-EN 10Kg Washing Machine

Turn your laundry pile from dirt to dazzling in absolutely no time with this stylish Sharp Washing Machine. It has a super jet setting which is a super quick wash and can clean your items in as little as 15 minutes, enough time for a quick cuppa!. Plus it has special allergy settings too which means anyone allergic to pets or suffering from hay fever needn’t worry as the technology in this machine will ensure all of that nasty pollen is rinsed away. It also comes with steam settings leaving your clothing feeling remarkably soft and it also helps reduces creases too!. The Sharp ES-NFH014CAC comes in either white or silver and retails at £369. it can be found right here.

And that’s our list complete, there you have it. Our guide to the best 10kg washing machines available in 2021. be sure to check out our other guides too especially our guide to The Best Washing Machine Cleaners or The best Washing Machines of 2021.