Best Washing Machine Cleaners 2021.

Best Washing Machine Cleaners of 2021 To Remove Dirt, Mould, Smells and More.

Washing Machine Cleaners

Let’s start by giving our washing machines a bit of praise, where would you be without it in 2021? Gone are the days of handwashing clothes or rinsing them in the a makeshift bathtub. Nowadays you just chuck it in the unit and hope for the quickest clean possible, although like everything in life we do need to look after them every now and again with a bit of TLC like they say washing machines live longer with a good cleaner.

If the last 12 months has taught the world anything (other than we love the Tiger King, Halloumi Fries are awesome and enjoy a beer at the pub whilst you can) it’s that germs and viruses are a real possibility anywhere and we should all strive to be a bit cleaner where possible. Now you might not think of your washer being a breeding ground for bacteria and germs but microbiologists have discovered viruses like E.Coli, Norovirus, hepatitis and others have been found living in old washing machines. Luckily this is a rarity and can easily be cured by using the right cleaner.

If you regularly run boil wash cycles it should be enough to kill off bacteria on your items but your washer should still get a good old clean every now and again to get rid of any odours left or even limescale in the drum, the little bits of washing powder that don’t disappear from the detergent drawer and anything else you find in there it’s still a good idea to use some product and give it a bit of elbow grease.

Dettol Washing Machine Cleaner

Dettol Washing Machine Cleaner

it’s hard to argue this one really, this Dettol washing machine cleaner is probably best used every 2-3 months during a wash cycle and promises to kill 99.9% of bacteria, as well as getting rid of any unpleasant smells odours and limescale. A bottle of this should last 3-4 uses depending on how big your detergent tray is and how over the top you like to go. I’d say sticking it on a long boil wash whilst using this should do the trick.

Ecodoo White Vinegar

Best Washing Machine Cleaners

Ecodoo White vinegar. The classic preferred by nans across the nation. It’s one of those products you can use for almost anything whether it be descaling your small appliances in the house, cleaning your windows or bathtub. To use this inside your washer all you need to do is simply run an empty cycle with nothing else in the machine, add about 0.5L of white vinegar and you’re done. If you like you can also chuck in some bicarbonate soda too to give it that extra clean feel a 5L tub should cost you around £10.

Dr. Beckmann Service-It Deep Clean Washing Machine Cleaner

Dr Beckmann Service It

This is the preferred cleaner for me if you were looking just to purely get rid of smells, again this washing machine cleaner removes bacteria up to 99.9% and will help get your machine smelling fresh once again and less of the damp mouldy water smell. This is something that can be used around once per month on a 60 degree cycle.

Calgon Powerball Water softener Tablets

Calgon Powerball

Now where would we be if we didn’t include Calgon in this list? it still sticks in my mind that jingle from the 90s and as they still sell a tonne of this stuff each week proves it works. If you live in a part of the country with hard water then you’ll notice a quicker build up of limescale, as Calgon actively attacks limescale and reduces the build up as well as leaving your clothing smelling marvellous too! These can be used every wash if you like or even every few washes but whichever you choose is fine for attacking the grime as this product genuinely does what it says. So yes, it’s true washing machines do live longer with Calgon.

Now that’s our list for today on The Best Washing MAchine Cleaners 2021 but be sure to give all that we’ve recommended a try if you’re having any issues just give us a shout. If you fancy reading some more Washing Machine related articles then give our guide on the best washing machines of 2021 a good read through!

Should you Clean your Washing Machine?

Washing Machine cleaner

If you notice a funny odour coming from your washing machine or your clothes that should be clean that’s a sign you should probably give your washing machine a good scrub. We’ve listed here the best products to buy to clean your machine but you’ll need to throw in a bit of elbow grease every now and again too. Washes at 40 degrees or lower can be a breeding ground for bacteria and a range of viruses such as E. Coli, hepatitis, MRSA, Norovirus and many others. If you’d rather steer clear from purchasing any cleaners one quick and cheap fix is to simply just run a boil wash with nothing in the machine which should kill of anything living in it.