Best Fridge Freezers Under £300 in 2021

best fridge freezers under £300 guide 2021

Our Guide To The Best Fridge Freezers For Under £300

Best fridge freezers under £300. Refrigeration units nowadays are something that every household must have and most nowadays have a secondary unit too, whether it be a chest freezer in the garage or a larder fridge in the utility room or conservatory we as Brits can’t get enough of keeping our goods cool as well as the features they come with nowadays from playing a tune to built in WiFi and synching to your mobile phone.

Finding the ideal fridge freezer for you isn’t always a straightforward task as we all shop for various reasons whether it be upgrading your current appliance as yours has conked out, having a kitchen refit or being a first time homebuyer and wanting something cheap to do the job. Making it s daunting task of browsing through the likes of AO, Currys, John Lewis and many more. Luckily we’ve done that bit for you and have condensed a list showing the best fridge freezers available for under £300 in 2021.

Fridge Freezer Space

Before we dive in let’s think about the reasons behind the fridge freezer you’re looking to buy. 

Firstly, space. Ensure you’ve got enough space to actually fit your fridge freezer into, particularly if buying an integrated fridge freezer as you don’t want the delivery guys turning up only to turn around again. We’d recommend measuring the width, depth and height at least twice just to make sure it’s accurate. 

It’s also important you consider the space it’s going into as well as what way the doors open, some fridge freezer doors can be switched easily which makes life a heck of a lot easier, but not all of them do so make sure you think about that too!.

Think about what you’re going to be filling your fridge freezer with, if you’ll be buying mostly fresh items then you may want to consider a 70/30 fridge freezer giving you that extra bit of space at the top end. Or if you’re going to stock up on the ice creams then it may be worth looking at a 50/50 fridge freezer as that way the unit is split into equal halves.

Also consider drawer capacity and refrigerating shelving too as you might require four or five freezer drawers to be filled constantly meaning you’d be best to get a bigger one or consider an American fridge freezer if space permits.

What Type of Fridge Freezer?

Also have a think about the fridge freezer type, you can go for either a frost free fridge freezer which means you won’t need to defrost it. Or a standard fridge freezer that will require defrosting at least once a year, we’d recommend doing it after the Christmas binge that way you’ll remember every year and it might even give you a little detox which we all need done the beginning of January.

As it’s arguably the most important appliance in your home and something we all rely on daily it’s worth taking a look into the branding of fridge freezers too. Some tend to have better reviews or are considered more reliable than others. Although this is usually largely opinion rather than factual as all appliances go through the same testing before being given the green stamp. However to make it all that bit easier for you we’ve listed the best fridge freezers under £300 right here meaning you get the most out of your buck. Away we go! 

Beko CFG3582DW 50/50 Frost Free Fridge Freezer

Beko CFG3582DW 50/50 Frost Free Fridge Freezer - White - A+ Rated

RRP £399

The Beko CFG3682DW Fridge Freezer Prepare Michelin star like delicious meals by keeping all of your groceries and ingredients fresh with this white fridge freezer from Beko. With a solid 263 litre capacity, it can hold around 16 bags of food shopping which is ideal for both medium and large households. You won’t need to remember to defrost this one as it has frost free technology meaning it circulates cool air to prevent icy build-ups. – Saving you another job! Plus, the handy non-plumbed water dispenser lets you enjoy refreshing drinks with no trouble, no matter where it’s placed in your kitchen. You can even open it from the right or left thanks to the reversible door, which can be installed to suit your layout- perfect for those who are limited on space or have a tight squeeze in the kitchen.  RRP Price of £369 so I’d expect to pay anywhere from £320 upwards if the item is on sale, it also comes with a one year warranty as standard. It can be found Here.

LOGIK LNFD55X20 50/50 Fridge Freezer

fridge freezer

RRP £299

Stylish. Affordable. Practical. This Fridge Freezer from Logik ticks all the boxes.

Nobody likes having to do chores.  The Logik LNFD55X20 50/50 Fridge Freezer takes at least one off your plate. It’s total frost free design means that you won’t need to manually defrost your fridge freezer – gone are the days of emptying your freezer and chipping away the ice. It’s achieved by a system of air vents that spread cool air evenly. By doing that, they also help to keep your food fresh and nutritious longer. Fancy a glass of cold water? No need to run the tap to get somewhat cool water , just fill up on chilled water with the dispenser. Requires no plumbing, just refill of the 2.5 litres tank every now and again.

The Logik LNFD55X20 has an RRP of £299 and can be found here.

ESSENTIALS CIFF7018 Integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer


RRP £279

Having a decent and affordable fridge freezer is essential and look no further than this  Essentials CIFF7018 with an RRP of just £279 it fits into our list of best fridge freezers under £300 and gives you change for the weekend take away!. Doing it’s bit for the environment it is a very energy efficient model meaning you’ll spend less on your energy bills in the long run. It can be installed anywhere in the kitchen as it has changeable doors making it easy to open anywhere as well as the feet being adjustable in height too. It also comes with adjustable shelving too meaning if you’re getting the beers or the wine in or even those big chunks of meat it can be stored with ease in this stylish fridge freezer. The Essentials CIFF7018 has an RRP of £279 making it one of the most affordable large 70/30 fridge freezers on the market which is ideal for those looking for more refrigeration space and spending a little less upfront too. Find it available here.

Montpellier MS152W Fridge Freezer

Montpellier MS152W Fridge Freezer best fridge freezers under £300

RRP £220

If you are looking for a small but practical fridge freezer with a 50/50 split then the Montpellier MS152W fridge freezer could be the solution for you. it’s easy to place anywhere in your house and can be manoeuvred easy if you fancy a change. It comes with a salad drawer perfect for keeping your fruit and veg fresh, and has adjustable glass shelves to help fit any awkward items you may have in. It’s a 192L fridge meaning it’s on the smaller side but perfect for those with little room in the kitchen but still wanting a decent fridge freezer. It has an RRP price of just £220. The Montpellier MS152W Can be found Here.

Fridgemaster MC50165B 60/40 Fridge Freezer

Fridgemaster MC50165B 60/40 Fridge Freezer - Black - A+ Rated

Keep the weekly shopping looking lovely and fresh with this black fridge freezer from Fridgemaster. It comes with a solid 165 litre capacity, meaning it can hold up to 10 shopping bags filled with tasty meats, milk and a few tubs of your favourite guilty pleasure as well as a few bottles of wine or beers chucked on top. To keep it performing at its best, it’ll need manually defrosting every now and then, like we’ve recommended after the Christmas binge is ideal as you’ll remember to do it and be sick of all the naughty foods anyway!.

It even has a handy salad crisper drawer, so you can keep all your delicious fruit and vegetables perfectly stored and organised. And as this model comes with reversible doors, you get to decide if it opens from the left or right, meaning it’s sure to fit seamlessly into any kitchen layout. This Model is ideal for those of you looking to save space and also have an efficient fridge freezer at a relatively low cost. This has made it onto our list of the best fridge freezers under £300 as it’s small, efficient and affordable and also leaves you with close to £100 spare as it has an RRP of just £209 the Fridgemaster MC50165B can be found right here.

Indesit IBD5517WUK1 50/50 Fridge Freezer

RRP £229

Last but not least, probably our favourite fridge freezer on this list as it ticks all of the boxes and it’s arguably the best fridge freezer under £300 in 2021. If you are looking to get complete value for money, a large 50/50 split fridge freezer as well as purchasing from a decent brand then look no further than the Indesit IBD5517WUK1 .

Get the most out of your groceries with this white fridge freezer from Indesit. Because it has a 235 litre capacity, it can hold up to 13 bags of food shopping. Low Frost technology reduces icy build-ups too, which means you won’t need to defrost it as often. And thanks to the Salad Crisper drawer, you can keep your favourite fruits and veggies organised – perfect for grabbing healthy ingredients when making a soup or some kind of broth. The doors are reversible as well, so you get to decide whether it opens from the left or right meaning it can go almost anywhere in the kitchen. The Indesit IBD5517WUK1 Has an RRP Price of £229 and can be found here.

And there you have it that is our list on the Best Fridge Freezers under £300 in 2021. be sure to keep an eye out as we’ll be updating this list in a few months once the new models have been released. Whilst you’re here why not check our our Best Fridge Freezer of 2021 guide too! Feel free to drop us a comment if you have any questions.

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