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iphone 13

The iPhone 13 is coming in 2021 and it's going to be explosive

Hello everyone, it’s that time of year again where we’ve had enough of the most recent iPhone So we start to speculate about the next one, as always the next iPhone is always very highly anticipated will millions around the world waiting to get their hands on the next piece of technology that will transform their lives and add value to their everyday existence, if you’ve been on another planet for the last decade or so you’re probably unaware of what an apple  iPhone is, for those of us that haven’t been anywhere well we all know that it’s a must have in the modern world and allows you to store your friends, your bank, your shopping habits, music taste and just about your entire life right in your pocket.

 The highly anticipated next iPhone which for the sake of this article we will call the “iPhone 13” is expected to be launched later in the year, probably around September time and the rumour mill is predicting some very big changes revolutionising how we use our beloved iPhones. As with anything there have be some crazy rumours floating around on the internet including that Apple may remove the lightning port and go for completely wireless charging to adding in an extra camera to give us 4 in total and give us all those extra  features as well as better speakers for a better sound quality. 

With the iPhone 12 only being officially released in October 2020 its fair to say its it’s still new to the market and we are still in the we’re very much still in the early days of the iPhone 12’s apple life cycle but of course with everything Apple there is already an abundance of rumours floating around about the next iPhone.

We’re expecting it to be announced in September 2021 with you being able to pick it up in November, conveniently in time for Black Friday 2021. We’re expecting it to be released with  vastly improved cameras for top quality picture and video taking, no ports meaning we’re going fully wireless and the return of Touch ID in a more modern 2021 kind of way!

The next iPhone may not actually be titled the iPhone 13, it’s just something we’ve gone for as a guess it could well be the iPhone 12S or maybe even skip the unlucky number 13 and jump straight in to number 14 but as with anything apple it’s anyone’s guess and only time will tell, one thing that is for certain is regardless of the name the eulogy will be second to none.

iPhone 13 features

The iPhone 12 saw a crazy amount of changes compared to previous with just about everything changing in some way, the “iPhone 13” is probably quite likely remain similar to the iPhone 12, almost in the same way the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 are as the difference is often minute and unnoticeable in day to day operation of the handset.  Apple don’t tend to push the boat out every single year and we’d imagine there just to be minor tweaks and adjustments in which there will be some changes to specifications with the odd additional feature thrown in there too, but certainly not a reinvention of the iPhone. 

Design of the “iPhone 13”

The iPhone 12 had a new design with flat sides meaning that  the “iPhone 13” will probably not change too much compared to its predecessor, it’s simple economics but the longer Apple can get away with using the same designs the bigger the margin they’ll make on their current models as they’ve already invested the design time, manufacturing, marketing and so forth so it’s unlikely designs will change too much.

It’s likely that the most noticeable changes physically to the handset could be the camera being bumped up slightly to a better model. The camera bump would be expected to change from separate bumps for each lens to a single sheet of glass covering all lenses. This in turn would reduce wobble and any movements  when placing the device flat on its back. Apple are also rumoured to be exploring the option of hiding the selfie camera in the iPhone 13 by either placing them under the display or in the bezel.

iPhone 13 colour

Remember the days of the colourful iPhone 5C? Well I don’t think we’re going back to the full on bright rainbow anytime soon with every possible colour available but there will be certainly some good choices available for the iPhone 13. The colours that are currently available are the usual Black, blue, red and green. Don’t be surprised if another one or two colours such as white, bronze, pink and lighter shades as well as probably jet black will more than likely become available in a bid to increase sales 

Apple are probably likely to add a few design changes to improve the life and durability of the latest iPhone 13, the iPhone 12 for example can be submerged in up to 6 metres or water for around half an hour, although please remember that . Apple doesn’t recommend that  their handsets are to be used underwater and you will not be covered for water damage unless taken out with a third party with that cover on there specifically.

Apples direction of travel is certainly under water photographing and the option of capturing some snaps in the sea or pool and this could certainly become a solid feature of the iPhone 13. If the rumours are true and there is no Lightning port the device would become fully closed off and allow this to be a realistic possibility.

The rim made of stainless steel encases the iPhone 12 Pro attracts a lot of fingerprints and marks so we also think Apple may implement a new coating to prevent this from happening.

iPhone 13 cameras

As with the changes in the design to the body, Apple usually change cameras on a longer cycle, meaning they don’t change this feature with every handset.

The iPhone 12 Pro has a strikingly similar camera system of three cameras as it’s predecessor the iPhone 11 Pro. The camera design is said to be continued and included in the 2021 Pro iPhone lineup also

There have been many rumours surfacing on the internet and especially social media  with claims that the 2021 iPhone would go the extra mile and actually have FOUR cameras plus LiDAR. 

Other rumours floating about  suggest a wider lens for the “iPhone 13 Pro Max” model, should there be one. Having an improved lens would bring in more light during low light shots, perfect for the modern day selfie.

iphone 13

There’s also been gossip of there being an increase in RAM, typical iPhone models have 4GB of RAM and the pro models have 6GB of RAM.

The front-facing camera on the handset will probably not see any major changes in the “iPhone 13.” We’d imagine that the device will have similar specs and possibly  a wider selfie angle than what is present in the 2020 models, again being ideal for the modern day selfie. Speaking of that previously slow motion  selfies were introduced as a top feature of the camera, so we’d expect something again. Also with increased popularity we’d imagine that New Memoji and Animoji options will be included too.

iPhone 13 display

The iPhone 13 could also  gain a Pro-Motion display for 2021 to optimize viewing content, this would be a top feature. The old enemy of Apple’s that is Samsung has used similar technology to push its display refresh rate up to 120Hz as well so we wouldn’t be surprised if apple move in this way.

It is claimed on the web that Apple want all of its Pro models to have 120Hz refresh rates from 2021 but they must be variable to prevent the battery draining too quickly and shortening the life. To achieve this apple would need to Use LTPO backplanes, which is what they Use in their apple watches to remain always-on by slowing the screen to as little as 1Hz, although we’re not sure if that would work well on a mobile phone.  

The iPhone’s parent the iPad pro a 120Hz refresh rate but it does not use the LTPO technology. 

We may also be about to see some sort of pencil to the iPhone, should apple wish to go in this direction then it being on a non flagship mid range handset is probably the way forward. They could release a third-generation Pencil or a completely new pencil altogether meant specifically for handsets.


A lot of the talk on the web about the news iPhone for 2021 is speculating that apple will finally get rid of the lightning cable and move to a completely wireless charging platform, not only is this inevitable at some point in the future it’s also likely to be in the very near future as other wireless features such as AirPods have improved user experience tenfold and it’s highly likely that wireless charging would have the same affect. A massive blow to some eBay stores who make a killing from cheap chargers.

Connecting 5G

The iPhone 12 line up has 5G in sub-6GHz and mm Wave bands. Although  not available anywhere outside the united stays, however it’s likely that will change in the near future. Regardless of international protests and a particular presidents administration plus the UK government having their suspicions about 5G it is here to stay and Like with everything techy Apple will be leading the way, Apple will want their users to have  to the same speeds they enjoy at home or at work regardless of where they are in the country and eventually the world so a global expansion of 5G support is inevitable.

In the right location and as long as weather isn’t having a negative affect you can get close to 4Gbps download speed. We’ve also seen online that 

Apple is reportedly working on its own modems, which means future iPhones may drop Qualcomm as a modem provider. This stems from Apple’s acquisition of Intel’s 5G modem platform and will lead to Apple bringing yet another part of its device in-house which again will of course increase user experience but also increase profits for the manufacturer too. 


A while back the face recognition ID replaced the fingerprint sensor which of course rocked the boat and caused more handsets to move to facial recognition, we’ve seen that Apple are rumoured to be implementing and moving a Touch ID button to either under the screen itself or on the power button but of course this is just the word on the grapevine and nothing concrete from Apple themselves.

How much will the iPhone 13 cost? and when will it be released?

It’s highly likely that apple will introduce 3-4 versions of the iPhone 13 and will be priced similarly to what the iPhone 12 was at the time of its release. With the iPhone 12 mini only recently hitting the shelves it is likely that there will be a delay in the release of the iPhone 13 but nonetheless it won’t stop it from selling units in the millions and it flying off shelves.

We’re expecting different options on colours, storage and sizes of the handset meaning that prices will vary dramatically depending on which one of each available you go for but handsets could start at around £899 and increase depending on the specifications of your handset. As most people in the UK take out mobile phones on a pay monthly contract we’d imagine handsets to be available from as little as £35 per month, although this could be on a 36 month contract to spread the cost and reduce the monthly payments. 

Our thoughts

The apple iphone 13 or apple iPhone 2021 will no doubt be as classy a handset as ever from apple and will no doubt have many kick ass features, all of what we’ve listed above is what we’ve seen rumoured online or had confirmed by those in the know within the tech industry, as always apple keeps its lips tightly sealed and will stage a big reveal in the autumn to show off its new handset. What we do know is it will be amazing, stylish, world besting and  futuristic as is the case with every other apple product. 

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