The Best Window Cleaners To Buy 2021 Reviewed

best window cleaners to buy 2021

The Best Window Vacs On The Market To Buy

Hello and welcome to our guide on the best window cleaners to buy for 2021. We’ve spent time researching, testing and now reviewing window cleaners so you don’t have to.

What is a window cleaner?

Well we don’t mean the guy  that comes around every now and again with a bucket of water and a ladder- although I’m sure very friendly and they do a good job this isn’t what we mean. 

We’ve listed the best cleaners for you that are currently on the market and will give a step by step guide on how to do it yourself which will save you time, money and ultimately give you great looking windows and a good sense of satisfaction.

Window vacs are still all the rage in some households and a very handy tool which makes life so much easier when it comes to giving your house a good thorough clean. 

Although in the name they aren’t solely used for windows and can also be used on hard surfaces such as worktops, cupboards, tiled floors and walls as well as units and just about anything solid. A window vac will ensure your surface is left Spick and spam and definitely beats trying to use buckets of water and cloths- leave that in the 1990s with single glazed windows too.

Although they make life easier you’ll still need to put in a little bit of elbow grease but only a tiny bit as they take a lot of the hard work out for you. 

In our list we’ve compiled the top 5 available to buy in 2021 and have listed its main features, price and our unbiased review on the product after going through our vigorous testing. Sit back. Relax and enjoy the best window cleaners to buy in 2021. 

Best For Budget

SPEAR & JACKSON FLR1730 All-in-one Cordless Handheld Window Cleaner

The Best Window Cleaners To Buy 2021 Reviewed

We thought we’d start our list of with the best cheap window cleaner which will give you maximum performance for your budget. As nobody wants to spend a fortune on anything the SPEAR & JACKSON FLR1730 is a handheld  device that allows you to clean your windows with ease and without it costing you an arm and a leg.


We love how lightweight it is which is definitely a bonus as it’s handheld, we love  the two water tank system meaning that you’ll always have crystal clear water ready go, this is a definite positive as nobody wants to clean with dirty water! It’s 30 minutes battery life is okay and should suffice when doing inside and outside of our windows. RRP £24.99 at Curry’s.


4 hours charging time for only 30 minutes use isn’t great and we can see it over time becoming a problem as battery life tends to deteriorate after time.

Other than the one key flaw which is its charge time we’d say this item is worth a purchase as it does what it says and only costs £24.99. 


Best Overall

KARCHER WV 2 Plus Window Vacuum Cleaner

The Best Window Cleaners To Buy 2021 Reviewed

The KARCHER WV 2 Plus Window Vacuum Cleaner is one of the most popular window cleaners and it’s easy to see why. You’ll find a decent 35 minute battery life which gives you enough time to do both sides of the windows. You’ll get a micro fibre cloth and spray bottle meaning you can clean with ease.


We love how easy it is to use. Simply just charge it, unplug it and use it, when you’re done just open the top and pour the contents down the sink. It’s also very lightweight which makes using it very easy. A top tip from appliance Deals is try using it on shower screens or even on cold days as it clears up all condensation too.


Battery charge life is just over half an hour. Not a massive issue but it could be longer. It also sometimes leaves streaks when using, especially towards the bottom of the window. 

Other than a few minor issues we’d say this is well worth it and arguably one of the best window vacs out there. Karcher are renowned for their ability to produce world class cleaning equipment and this is no different.

Best For Performance

BOSCH GlassVac Window Vacuum Cleaner

best window vacs to buy in 2021

The BOSCH Glass Vac Window Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for cleaning windows and tiles as well as just about anything else with a solid surface. It’s a very lightweight device with all round performance with a reasonable 30 minute battery life after a full charge.


We love the easy wipe costing, meaning that you won’t leave any streaks when cleaning and surfaces- particularly see through such as glass. It’s very lightweight and didn’t leave any streaks on any surfaces we tested it on.


I’d have to say the short battery life of half an hour could be problematic if you were using it on windows and cupboards. The charge time on this device is around 3 hours to a full charge which could be a bit excessive. 

We’ve rated the as the best for overall performance as it left little marks and no streaks anywhere. Bosch are renowned for excellent products and this is no different.

Comes with a cool little wrist strap that comes with it meaning you won’t lose it.

Best Premium Window Vac Cleaner

KARCHER WV5 Premium Window Vacuum Cleaner

best window cleaner 2021

We’ve chosen the The KARCHER WV5 Premium Window Vacuum Cleaner as the most premium cleaner on the market in the world of window vacs and it doesn’t disappoint at all.

What makes this model different to the other Karcher models is its patented rubber head which actually adjusts to how you like to clean and where you’re going to clean, meaning if you’re going into a smaller space then it’s no problem as it still does a decent job! It’s also quite a quiet device which is surprising given how powerful its suction is!.


Upon testing it we found out how versatile this device is as it really can get stuck into little areas other vacs might not get into thanks to its flexibility and its rubber head and multiple attachments which are ideal if you’re going into a big space or small space.

It’s also very quiet which is a pleasant surprise as we’d prepared ourselves for 35 mins of noise. It does a very quick job and also leaves all surfaces looking great!. We also love how lightweight this is and can be used very easily.


The biggest drawback for us on this unit was that it’s run time is 35 mins. For it being a premium model we expected a bit more.  Sometimes we found the tank leaked a bit and the small head could have been smaller but these are all minor issues that wouldn’t stop us buying.


Best For Business

AEG WX7 60A Window Vacuum Cleaner

Best Window cleaners to buy

The AEG WX7 60A Window Vacuum Cleaner is an excellent choice when it comes to cleaning windows and other surfaces. With a running time of 60 minutes it’s by far one of the longer lasting vacs on the market which makes it the ideal choice for tradesmen. 


We clearly love it’s running time of an hour along with how quick it was fully recharged – under two hours before putting it back to the test. It has a non slip handle which ensures you’ve got a firm grip at all times. 

In terms of performance we loved how smooth it was to use it along with how well it sucked all the dirt and didn’t leave any streaks in the window.


 We felt the water dripped quite a bit from the rubber blades. It was also a bit of a tug to get the squeegee off. Apart from those two it’s a good all rounder.

This model has an RRP of £99.99 and can be found on Curry’s or Amazon 

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