The Best Egg Boilers To Buy in 2021 Reviewed

the best egg boilers to buy

We've Tried Them, We've tested Them, Now We're Reviewing Them. The Best Egg Boilers To Buy in 2021 Fully Reviewed.

Boiling eggs is easy but getting it right can  very tricky even for seasoned pros, it’s not just about chucking the egg in and hoping for the best. Keeping an eye on the timer and then the faff afterwards is enough to make your kitchen look like a bomb has hit it. Say hello to the egg cooker.

Egg Cookers or egg boilers as they’re often called are becoming increasingly popular nowadays as it takes the stress away from the task itself, meaning you can actually look forward to a decent egg in the morning or whatever time you fancy them.

We’ve compiled a list of the best egg cookers to buy in 2021 and given something guidance on using one too, no poaching our ideas though – see what we did there 

We’ve tried them, tested them and now we’re reviewing them. Here is our list of The Best Egg Cookers To Buy in 2021. Let’s kick it off with our top picks.

TEFAL Toast 'n' Egg TT550015 2-Slice Toaster

best egg boiler to buy

We’ve gone for this one to start as it makes life a lot easier when cooking breakfast and makes two tasks much easier to manage. We think  the Tefal Toast N Egg TT550015 is a genius idea and makes life a lot easier when it comes to getting the whole family fed, or if you’re having a big fry up to get you through your day. Here’s our egg boiler review


The toaster is big enough for bread, bagels and whatever else you’d normally put in your toaster, we love putting a good panini in ours. You can also heat pre cooker meats on this cooker as well which makes it ideal for heating up any left overs you’ve got from the night before.

We love all of the extra features on this model and how it combines a toaster and an egg boiler into one unit. It will take you a bit of time to get used to it but it’s well worth it in the end and will make you wonder how you did breakfasts without it. It’s available from curry’s from around £40 which we think is an absolute steal for a combination cooker. 

The downside to this machine we found is that it needs cleaning regularly and we found the toaster a bit on the small side, although for some reason this seems to be a common issue with toasters

All in all we’d recommend this machine as it gives you something completely different to what else is on the market.

DAEWOO SDA1194 Egg Boiler

The Daewoo SDA1194 Egg Boiler is the ideal solution if you’re looking for some cheap and cheerful to get the eggs done in a short time. As the name suggests this will boil your eggs in a short time and it ensures you don’t overcook them thanks to its boil dry features. Here’s our egg boiler review

We love the fact you can squeeze about 8 standard size eggs in which makes it perfect if you’re sorting the breakfast for you and your mates or if you’re batch cooking for the week ahead.

The marking could have been a bit clearer on the water measure but nonetheless this wouldn’t put us off buying it. The Daewoo SDA1194 is available from curry’s with an RRP of just £16.99 we think this is a great offer for something that can be used daily.

WILKO 6 EGG Boiler - Best for Budget

wilko best egg boiler to buy

Ever find those bargains whilst shopping on the high street in a shop like Wilko and come away thinking what a bargain you found? This is one of those moments. This 6 egg boiler from Wilko ticks all the boxes and is an ideal addition to any kitchen. Here’s our egg boiler review

We love how you can choose how you’d like your eggs cooked from runny, soft or boiled as well as the old school buzzer that goes off when your eggs are done. We also loved how easy it was to clean after use and how affordable it is £12.99 is an absolute steal available at Wilko.

The downside to this is it takes a bit of getting to used to as we had leaky eggs for the first few goes, although great value for money it does feel on the cheap side, but what do you expect for £12.99.

Read over 25 reviews on this product here


Neo® 3 in 1 Durable Stainless Steel Electric Egg Cooker, Boiler, Poacher & Omelette Maker

This egg boiler from Neo combines affordability with efficiency as it is actually a 3 in 1 egg cooker which allows you to choose how you like your eggs in the morning – either boiled, poached or omelette so you can start your day just how you like it. And soft boiled eggs can be cooked to perfection in as little as 8 minutes. Here’s our egg boiler review

There’s an automatic cut off which kicks in as soon as the eggs are done which is a great feature as it means you don’t need to keep and eye on them and can get on with other things – like the bacon and toast!.


We love the fact that it’s 3 in 1 and you can switch up how you have your eggs each time with ease. The cut off as described above it a nice feature and we also love how little space the unit itself takes up – meaning it’s perfect for sitting on a worktop next to a toaster or kettle.


Not so much space in the actual unit once you’ve put your eggs in, this could be slightly bigger which would make life a bit easier. We also found that if you’re cooking more than a handful of eggs then the water required is quite a lot and drips over the edge which is a bit annoying.

The 3 in 1 egg cooker from Neo has an RRP of £16.99 and can be purchased on Amazon. Read over 2,000 other reviews on Neo products here. 

VonShef 3 in 1 Egg Boiler, Multifunctional Stainless Steel Digital Poacher & Omelette Maker

3 in 1

The 3 in 1 egg cooker from VonShef is an ideal addition to any kitchen and it’s easy to see why it’s ended up in our top 5 of best egg cookers to buy, Here’s our egg boiler review

Similar to the previous model above it’s a 3 in 1 which makes life much easier as it means you can cook everyone’s eggs just how they like it and in little time.

You can cook up to 7 eggs at once in as little as 8 minutes for soft boiled eggs which is a reasonable time, there’s also an auto cut off which will stop cooking once the eggs are done which means you don’t need to keep an eye on it – great for those who have busy mornings on the regular.


We love fact you can cook half a dozen eggs at once and still have room in there, it doesn’t feel too crammed like other models and can easily be moved about as it’s very lightweight. 


There isn’t a timer setting on this, if you’re someone who works to timing rather than trusting the cooker then it’s not ideal for you. It was also missing a beep or buzz when it’s cooked which would be a handy feature.

The VonShef 3 in 1 Egg Boiler has an RRP of £17.99 and can be purchased from Amazon. Read over 1,000 reviews on VonShef here.

VonShef 3 in 1 Egg Boiler, Poacher and Omelette Maker, Extra Large Capacity for 16 Eggs BIGGER IS BETTER

3 in 1

The big daddy of egg boilers is here and we love it! The VonShef 3 in 1 egg cooker is the Ideal solution for those with big families or big appetites. It combines affordability with functionality and convenience. Here’s our egg boiler review

It’s a 3 in 1 which means you can choose how you want your eggs doing and if you fancy 6, 12 or the entire farm then there’s plenty of room! – okay we lied a little bit you can’t fit an entire farm but 16 eggs is quite a lot.

Perfect for those who cook in batches, anyone who loves eggs or even bodybuilders looking for that next protein fix


We love the size of it and how there’s so much room in it even if you’re cooking at full capacity, we also love how it looks and how easy it was to use. The shelving can be removed oboes if you’d rather have just the one tier for cooking. There’s an automatic switch off for when your eggs are done too.

We’ve cooked plenty of eggs in this and it’s been flawless every time.


The main downside to this is also its biggest feature, it’s quite big which means if you’re in a small kitchen it takes up a bit of room on your worktops. We’d also of liked to have seen a buzzer or beep once the eggs are done. It wouldn’t stop us purchasing though as these are minor moans.

The VonShef 3 in 1 egg boiler has an RRP of £27.99 and can be purchased from Amazon. Read over 400 other reviews on this product here. 

That was our quick guide reviewing the best egg boilers to buy in 2021. Keep an eye out as we will be updating this every time there’s a new and good edition added to the market. 

best egg cookers to buy appliance deals

Are Egg Boilers Any Good?

Egg boilers have become more popular in recent years and it’s easy to see why as it takes the stress out of cooking the perfect egg, instead of standing around waiting for your eggs to be perfected and hoping you’ve got it right you can relax knowing they’re being cooked to perfection with little risk of them being over or underdone, say goodbye to those greyish yolks

How Long Do Egg Boilers Take To Cook?

Egg boilers can take anywhere from 6-12 minutes to cook your eggs to perfection and depends on how you like your eggs. You can easily get soft or hard boiled eggs in the time it takes you to make the toast to go with it!.

How Does An Egg Boiler Work?

An egg boiler works by boiling the water in the machine and turning it into steam whilst in the machine. The steam then transfers to the egg and cookers them accordingly.

Steam tends to take up less space than water itself which is why you need only a small amount of water compared to if you were boiling them yourself in a pan.

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