The Best Waffle Makers To Buy In 2021 Reviewed

Best waffle makers to buy 2021

The Best Waffle Irons To Buy In 2021. We've tried them, We've tested them and now We're reviewing them

Waffle makers are becoming more and more popular in the UK and there’s nothing quite like having the perfect waffle already made and ready to eat with you putting in minimal effort. Before we dive in to giving you the list of best waffle irons to buy let’s get through some of the jargon and go through some basics helping you make the right choice 

What is a waffle maker?

Well the clue is in the name. Waffle makers are also referred to as  called a waffle irons. In a nutshell it’s  is a small appliance used to make the perfect waffles. You can make these either sweet or savoury depending on your taste buds and make them as thick or thin as you like.

Belgian Waffle vs Classic Waffle

There is a slight difference here. Belgians usually have round plates rather than square, they’re cooked with a softer inside and crispier outside and less pockets per waffle but usually a bigger size. 

Classics tend to have thinner plates, they also don’t have a thick interior that you’d usually get with a Belgian waffle. You can also create more pockets with this type and more pockets means more crunch and flavour.


It’s worth considering how many waffles you’re going to be making at a time, if it’s just the one then a small one will suffice, if it’s for you and your mates then you’ll need a bigger one, but don’t worry we’ll cover that.

We’ve tried them, we’ve tested them and now we’re reviewing them so sit back and enjoy our guide to the best waffle makers to buy in 2021.


TOWER T27025 Waffle Maker Review

Product Features

  • Cooks up to 2 waffles at a time.
  • Power: 1000 W
  • Non-stick plates makes it easier for cleaning afterwards


    The TOWER T27025 Waffle Maker is our winner for the best waffle maker  on a budget at just shy of £25. It does exactly what you need it to in a reasonably quick time


    We loved how quick it heats itself up and also how speedy it is to make your waffles. We also loved how deep the fillers are meaning the waffles made are not flimsy, the non stick plates make it  easy to clean also meaning it’s less of a faff afterwards


    It would benefit from having removable plates for cleaning, it’s straightforward cleaning the unit but this would make it just that bit better. We also found that whilst it heats up quickly it didn’t get super hot quick enough – comparing to a George foreman it is a bit cool.

DAEWOO SDA1562 3-in-1 Sandwich & Waffle Maker

Product features

  • Power: 750 W
  • Non-stick & removable plates
  • Includes sandwich / grilling / waffle plates

    The DAEWOO SDA1562 combines waffle making with sandwich making and grilling giving you a great choice for lunches and snacks! easy to see why it is one of the best waffle makers out there.


    We loved the easy to remove and change the plates depending on what you’re looking to make. We found the plates very easy to clean as they are non-stick and as they’re easily removable this isn’t a chore. 


    We found the lead to be a bit short which was more frustrating than anything else, this could also be problematic if your cooking  area is small.

    The Daewoo sda1562 has an RRP of just £29 and is available to purchase from Curry’s. Read 4 reviews from others who purchased this item here.

TEFAL Snack Time SW341D40 Sandwich and Waffle Maker Review

Product features

  • Cooks 2 portions
  • Power: 700 W
  • Non-stick & removable plates which makes cleaning very easy 
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Includes sandwich / waffle plates

The TEFAL SW341D40 snack time sandwich and waffle make is a 2 in 1 machine which ensures your lunch is made to a great standard every time.


We loved how easy to use this machine is simply wait for the light to heat up and boom add your ingredients in.  The removable plates are non-stick which makes cleaning easy and it’s also dishwasher safe


The plates could be a tad deeper as they are quite shallow. A timer option would be a real benefit as some of us follow timed recipes and instructions. Although easy to clean overall the hinge area was a bit difficult to get into.

GASTROBACK 62424 Advanced Waffle Maker Review

Best Waffle makers to buy

Product features

  • Cooks up to 2 portions at a time
  • Power: 1600 W
  • Non-stick plates for easy cleaning

The classy Gastro back 62424 Advanced Waffle Maker is the ideal waffle maker for any household, especially those who like to chop and change what they fancy on the regular as you can easily make classic, Belgian or chocolate waffles in no time at all and it’s not hard to see why this ended up on our list of best waffle makers to buy.


We loved how easy and straight forward it was to use and how you can switch what type of waffle you make. We also liked the digital screen with an easy to use buttons and dials – it really felt completely different to the other models we’ve tried and comes with a 3 year warranty. 


The plates aren’t removable  which is a bit frustrating but often the case with other makers. Cord was a bit short at around half a metre, but overall these negatives wouldn’t put us off.

The Gastroback 62424 has an RRP of £119 and can be purchased from Curry’s. Read reviews from others who purchased this item here.

Sage BWM520BSS Review

The Sage BWM520BSS is one of the more popular waffle makers available on the market At the moment And it’s easy to see why it finds itself onto our review of best waffle makers to buy in 2021.


We love the design of this model and best of all there’s no mess! This device comes with a little most on the outside that will catch anything that’s going overboard and make sure it doesn’t become a mess as it even cooks the spillages for you! If you’re like me and love a little nibble whilst having a bake then it’s the perfect machine for you.

Talk about not wasting a drop, we also loved the multiple heat setting available as it ensures you can have them how you like them.


The main downside to this model is there’s not a timer on the unit, this would make life a bit easier if it had this feature. It only had one programme on it too.

The Sage BWM520BSS can be purchased from AO and has an RRP of £99. Read reviews from others who bought this item here.

The Progress EK4376P 1000W Rotary Non- Stick Waffle Maker Review

best waffle makers to buy in 2021

The Progress EK4376P 1000W Rotary Non- Stick Waffle Maker is another good choice when it comes to making waffles on a budget. This device has an RRP of just £24.99 and is ideal for those looking to make just 1-2 waffles at a time and not splash the cash.


A very straightforward machine to use, simply turn it on and it heats itself up within minutes and is ready to go!. We found it very easy to clean too as it’s non stick 


It was mostly cheap and cheerful, although it was a bit on the small side so if you’re making waffles for any more than 1-2 people it may be a problem.

The Progress EK4376P can be purchased from Robert Dyas. Read reviews from others who bought this item here.

Tefal GC241D40 Inicio 2000W Multifunctional Grill

Okay so not strictly a dedicated waffle maker here but it is also very good at doing that and making sandwiches so we thought we’d include it.

The Tefal GC241D40 Inicio 2000W Multifunctional Grill is a great addition to any kitchen as it makes it ultra easy to grill any items you want with ease.

Firstly we loved how easy it is to store this as it can be placed upright very easily and it doesn’t fall over which is a massive bonus. It’s also very easy to use as it’s a fairly straightforward device with lights that let you know when it’s hot enough and your food is cooked. We also loved how easy it was to clean and the dishwasher safe drip tray.

Although it ticks many of the boxes we felt it took a little bit too long to heat up compared to some of the other appliances, although this is not a massive problem for many and would not put us off purchasing.

This Tefal Waffle maker is available at Robert Dyas and has an RRP of £44.00 Read Reviews from others who bought this appliance here.

Quest 35960 1000W Rotating Waffle Maker Review

Appliance Deals Best Waffle Makers

This Quest Waffle Maker is a very easy to use  appliance and has a lot of great features that we found really useful.

Firstly we loved the design, the circle on the inside is split into four separate sections which made it really easy to share- or eat to yourself whatever floats your boat!. 

We found the foldable handle a nice feature and did make it easy to open and close as opposed to touching a hot appliance like some devices. The non stick cooking plates made it really easy to clean and as it cooks at 1000W that’s a great feature to have.

We found it took a little while to get going but once it did it was very solid, we also found that whilst its advertised as a non-stick appliance it often came out stuck and due to the nature of it’s internal design it wasn’t the easiest to clean in between.

The Quest 35960 Waffle maker is available from Robert Dyas and has an RRP of £30.99

Giles & Posner EK2551G 800-1000W Electric Bubble Waffle Maker Review

The last one on our list of best waffle makers to buy in 2021 is the Giles & Posner EK2551G. A little bit different from everything else on the market, this appliance brings your waffles out in tiny bubbles rather than traditional waffle style which is not only a bit quirky but also very fun and ideal if hosting a little get together.

Firstly we absolutely love the fact that this is unlike anything else on the market and how it comes out once done. This unit is very straightforward to operate and has an ultra fast heating function that ensured this was piping hot within minutes.

You can also curl up your waffle in one of the  10 serving cones included.

It also came with the standard lights and noises that other waffle makers on the market come with. 

It’s not for everyone, we also felt the unit itself was a bit small and the volume it can produce is only enough for one person, if you were coking these for a family of 4 people then you’d be taking 20 minutes for everyone to have a waffle.

The Giles & Posner EK2551G Waffle maker is available at Robert Dyas and has an RRP of £49.99


And that is our list of the best waffle makers to buy in 2021 fully reviewed. We hope you’ve found this useful, get in touch if you have any questions and remember to subscribe below to stay up to date with all reviews, deals and discounts we have to offer.

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