The Best Televisions To Buy in 2021

PHILIPS 43PUS9235/12  Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV with Google Assistant

The Best Televisions To Buy For Summer 2021

Hello everyone and welcome to our guide of the best TV to buy for summer 2021. 

Since we have an action packed summer full of sports and other events which will keep you busy, after all the weather isn’t something you can really rely on nowadays is it?.

What Sport Is On This Summer?

We have Euro 2020 which for the first time is being hosted by numerous nations across Europe and is guaranteed to be a spectacle.

The 2020 Olympic Games which is always an event that gets everyone back into sport and on the fitness hype, it’s always good to see athletes giving their all and who knows we may even have a new 100m world record whilst we’re there too. 

Both of the above events were of course  delayed due to the covid 19 pandemic, thankfully all looks set to go ahead this year and I think that’s what we need.

There are many other events too such as the UEFA Champions league final, Wimbledon, Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury and of course the premier league, football league and Scottish premiership returning by mid summer to hopefully some fuller stadiums also.

With all that ahead of us this summer it makes complete sense to watch it on the best tele you can, seeing as it’s unlikely you’ll be in a stadium or arena anytime soon.


What Brand Of TV Is Best?

Well that’s a hard one to say, there are many brands of televisions nowadays and most of them do a good job and come with all the features you’d expect such as internet connectivity, 4K and numerous HDMI Ports but there are few brands where the name guarantees innovation, top picture and sound quality as well as value for money.

What Size TV Is Best?

It all depends on the size of your room, your eyesight and how close you plan to sit in front of it.

Televisions nowadays range from 19” which is usually a bedroom or kitchen television to a huge 85” screen and beyond if you’ve got the cash for it. 

We’d always recommend checking what size television you have now and deciding whether you’d like it bigger or not, remember when measuring a television screen you go from corner to corner to give an accurate measurement of its screen size.

Also consider the TV Stand. If you upgrade the size of your panel you may need to upgrade the unit it’s on as it may no longer fit,  unless going on the wall of course, but even then remember a bigger television will weigh more and you may need to get a bigger bracket, also make sure your wall can handle it!.

TV Jargon Explained

It’s hard to keep up to date with all the weird and wonderful tech language used when discussing televisions nowadays isn’t it, we’ve compiled a mini list which should help bust some of that jargon and give you a better understanding of what it means.

What is a 4K TV?

Firstly, it doesn’t mean the Tv will cost you £4,000 you’ll be pleased to know, instead it’s much simpler Ultra HD– or 4K as it’s more commonly known nowadays

4K Tv’s are now the benchmark for a lot of people and this is what they’ll look for when buying a tele. 

It’s called 4K because of the 3840 x 2160 pixel definition it has – which for anyone who is  good at maths knows it’s double that of 1920 x 1080 or standard  HD as it’s known.

Thankfully a lot of televisions now are 4K – which means the cost of a decent 4K TV has come down dramatically and it’s very much affordable – we do love a cheap tv. 

What is an 8K TV?

If you thought 4K sounded good then you’re about to be blown away with 8K TVs 

4K had a pixel rate of 3840 x 2160, 8K has a pixel rate of 7,680 x 4,320.  there are plenty of 8K tele’s on the market nowadays, however they do come at a premium – an arm and a leg to be precise. 

To get the best out of an 8K TV you really need to be looking at the bigger televisions available on the market, by that we mean 70 inch screens and above.

If you’ve got the spare cash then go for it, however your wallet will thank you later if you give it a miss for the next couple of years until the prices come down to a more affordable level.

What is a Smart TV?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 years you’ve probably heard of a smart tv. Nowadays basically every new television set has smart features which enable you to either download and or just connect to the internet.

The smart features of any smart tv are enabled either by a wired Ethernet connection or wirelessly with WiFi. 

Connecting couldn’t be easier and is now often included as one of the first parts of any set up menu on a new tv. 

If you’ve seen a tele advertised with Netflix, YouTube, Apple TV, Google TV and so on then these are all smart TVs and often now have them built in.

What is an OLED TV?

What HD ready was 10 years ago is what OLED is today. By that we mean all the rage and something you should definitely consider when buying a new TV.

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. On an OLED TV there is no backlight, this is also one of the reasons you’ll find they tend to be a lot slimmer than other televisions on the market.

What is a QLED TV?

A QLED TV is basically Samsung’s own alternative to OLED TV, it shares similarly technology found it standard LCD television and included ‘quantum dots’ to give you a clearer, sharper picture. 

Samsung have been a bit clever about this move and have managed to push QLED as somewhere between 4K and OLED panels.

What is NanoCell?

NanoCell TVs have been developed by LG and are similar to what a QLED TV is to Samsung. As we all know LG and Samsung aren’t friends and tend to always aim to outdo each other when it comes to televisions and innovating technology.

A NanoCell Television optimises the quality of a standard 4K television by throwing in of Nano particles that are supposed to improve the colours of whatever is on the television at the time.

Again, as this is LG aiming to compete with Samsung this is somewhere between a 4K and OLED TV, you can pick one of the latest ones up for around £1,000 whereas if you go for a slightly older model of a year or so ago then you’d probably find it at around half that at £500.

What is a HD Television?

HD means  High Definition TV – which was all the range around a decade ago, however although it’s been around for many years now it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not good quality, however you will struggle to find a TV now that isn’t HD. 

As we mentioned previously 4K is very affordable and in the coming years 8K will be as well so if you’re looking for a new TV we’d suggest steering away from standard HD and look for one of them instead.

What is HDR?

Another oldie here HDR means High Dynamic Range.

There are plenty of different versions of this out there such as Dolby vision, HDR10, HDR10+ and so on, and of course with anything like this there have been debates over which one stands out as the best. 

Each TV  support a different version of HDR, to give an example, Netflix uses Dolby Vision.

However as they’re all compatible with one another our advice is to not worry too much about which one to go for.

What is an LCD TV?

This one feels a bit old compared to the other acronyms on this list as it has been around for donkeys years now but very few people actually understand what it means. 

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display.

Every television you see nowadays has an LCD screen with the exception of OLED TVs and plasma TVs, although they are very rare nowadays.

What is an LED Television?

Another very common acronym here and one you’ll probably also have heard of over the years. 

LED stands for  Light Emitting Diode.

LED and LCD are often confused as they Dan be quite similar, it’s the LED that shines through the LCD screen in order to give you the image on screen, which of course is a vital part of any television set. However whether it’s LCD or LED it’s not a game changer so you don’t need to worry.

Right now that’s the jargon done let’s crack on with our list of Best Televisions to Buy in 2021.

32 inch Televisions

32" JVC LT-32C605

32" JVC LT-32C605  Smart HD Ready LED TV with Built-in DVD Player


  • Picture quality: 50 Hz
  • HDR: HDR10 / Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG)
  • Catch-up TV & streaming
  • Freeview HD with Freeview Play
  • HDMI 1.4 x 2




  • Picture quality: 900 PQI
  • Catch-up TV & streaming
  • HDMI 2.0a x 2


Hisense 32A5600FTUK 32" Smart 720p HD Ready TV AO SALE


  • Picture quality: 700 PCI
  • Catch-up TV & streaming through WiFi
  • Freeview HD with Freeview Play
  • HDMI 1.4 x 2

Best 40 Inch Televisions

LOGIK L40FE20 40" Full HD LED TV - Cheap Television

40" LOGIK L40FE20  Full HD LED TV


  • Picture quality: 60 Hz
  • Freeview HD
  • HDMI 1.4 x 3
    Best Budget 40″ Television on our list. Great deal and under £200

JVC LT-40C590 40" Full HD Smart TV


  • Picture quality: 60 Hz
  • Freeview HD
  • HDMI 1.4 x 3

    Very Popular TV from JVC and priced at around £200. Great Features.

TCL 40ES568 40" Smart 1080p Full HD Android TV

TCL 40ES568 40


  • 1080p Full HD resolution gives a sharp, clear picture
  • HDR for vivid colours & brighter images
  • Android TV – download tons of streaming & catch-up apps
  • 2 HDMI & 1 USB port – plug in lots of devices at once
  • Automatically turns off when not in use to save energy

    Very Popular 40 inch TCL Television with all the modern smart features. RRP of £270

Best 43 Inch Televisions

Techwood 43AO10FHD 43" Smart 1080p Full HD TV

Techwood 43AO10FHD 43


  • 1080p Full HD resolution gives a sharp, clear picture
  • HDR10 fills images with vivid and lifelike colour
  • Smart TV – catch up, movies & more
  • 1 USB & 3 HDMI ports – plug in lots of devices at once
  • Alexa compatible – change channels with just your voice

Sony KDL43WF663BU 43" Smart 1080p Full HD TV

Sony KDL43WF663BU 43" Smart 1080p Full HD TV


  • 1080p Full HD resolution gives a sharp, clear picture
  • HDR10 fills images with vivid and lifelike colour
  • Smart TV – catch up, movies & more
  • Freeview HD with Freeview Play – live & catch up TV
  • 2 HDMI & 2 USB ports – plug in lots of devices at once

Samsung QLED QE43LS03AA 43" 4K Ultra HD TV

Samsung QLED QE43LS03TA 43" Smart HDR 4K Ultra HD TV With 100% Colour Volume and Apple TV App AO SALE


  • 4K Ultra HD QLED screen for vibrant, detailed images
  • Quantum 4K processor provides exceptional upscaling
  • Smart TV – catch up, movies & more
  • Displays a range of art & photographs when TV is off
  • Included wall mount fixes TV flush to the wall

Best 50 Inch Televisions

HISENSE 50AE7400FTUK Smart Ultra HD TV


  • Picture quality: 2500 PCI
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • HDR: Dolby Vision / HDR10 / Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG)
  • Catch-up TV & 4K streaming
  • Freeview HD with Freeview Play
  • HDMI 2.0 x 4

LG 50NANO756PA 50" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV

LG 50NANO796NE 50" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV


  • NanoCell technology for pure colours in 4K Ultra HD
  • Fast Quad Core Processor 4K for refined picture and sound
  • HDR: HDR10 / Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG)
  • Catch-up TV & 4K streaming
  • Freeview HD with Freeview Play / Freesat HD


50" SAMSUNG QE50QN94AATXXU  Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR Neo QLED TV with Bixby, Alexa & Google Assistant

5 Year Guarantee

  • See every moment in jaw-dropping detail and epic contrast
  • Brilliant AI processor that powers your 4K entertainment
  • Picture quality: 4600 PQI
  • HDR: HDR10+ / HDR10 / Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG)
  • Catch-up TV & 4K streaming

Best 65 Inch Televisions


Sony Bravia KD55XH8196BU 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD Android TV With X1 Processor, X-Reality Pro and Dolby Vision AO SALE


  • TRILUMINOS display for true-to-life colour
  • 4K HDR Processor X1 for improved colour & clarity
  • Picture quality: Motionflow XR 400 Hz
  • HDR: Dolby Vision / HDR10 / Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG)
  • Catch-up TV & 4K streaming

SAMSUNG UE65TU8507UXXU 65" 4K Smart Television

Samsung UE65TU7100 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV With HDR10+ and Crystal Processor 4K AO SALE


  • Dynamic Crystal Colour for clear & lifelike colours
  • Crystal Processor 4K for the best 4K picture & targeted sound
  • Picture quality: 2800 PQI
  • HDR: HDR10+ / Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG)
  • Catch-up TV & 4K streaming

TECHWOOD 65AO9UHD 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV

Techwood 65AO9UHD 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV With Dolby Vision and Works With Alexa


  • 4K Ultra HD – Stunning sharpness, crystal clarity
  • Dolby Vision HDR means a huge range of bright colours
  • Smart TV – catch up, movies & more
  • 3 HDMI & 2 USB ports – plug in lots of devices at once
  • Alexa compatible – change channels with just your voice

    Best Televisions and best for budget this one if you want to combine a large screen, great picture and a wallet with something still in it then this one ticks all of the boxes.

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