Best BT Broadband Deals in 2021.


Our review of the best BT broadband available in 2021 including the fastest growing internet providers in the UK.

After a mad 2020 and probable 2021 too having a strong and solid broadband connection has never been more important, after all we’re all spending more time at home whether it be working from home, home schooling the kids or on furlough. 

For too long a lot of us winged it on shoddy broadband speeds that we put up with just to keep the monthly costs down and never really had to worry about more than the odd catch-up tv programme downloading or the occasional Netflix film, then 2020 came along and his us all right in the face, if a haymaker from Lennox Lewis was a year it would have been 2020.  

We all found ourselves at home trying to work from home with our emails, work and phone systems while the kids played their PlayStation or Xbox online whilst the partner watched a Netflix series and we all chilled out on our WiFi connected mobile phones, it’s fair to say it all got a bit much and our WiFi was struggling to cope with the pressure.

Fast forward a year and whilst we’re still adjusting to the new normal  we’re more comfortable than we were, we’ve had more jabs than Mike Tyson and we’re all just getting along, one thing that hasn’t gone away is our reliance on good broadband.

One thing about us brits is we’re actually very loyal, we often go to the same pub, stay with the same bank and often the same broadband provider, why do we do that when technology is constantly evolving and much like energy there’s always a better deal to be found?

Well switching isn’t as easy as it should be and really all we want is the operator at the end of the phone line to give us a half price discount and we’re happy.

Times are changing and it’s not just about the discounts and what extras are thrown in with it, it’s now about connectivity and who can provide us with a reliable broadband at a fair price.

bt broadband

BT Broadband Review

The classic and old but gold broadband provider in the UK. BT broadband remains one of the most reliable ISP’s out there and offers a range of specialist BT broadband deals which makes it highly likely you’ll find a package to suit you. Whether you’re looking for broadband by itself, including evening & weekend calls or going for the whole hog including BT Sport we’ve got something for you. 

Benefits to BT Broadband

BT has a wide range of packages and various internet deals which means you’ll easily find what you’re looking for at a competitive price. BT also own most of the lines within the UK meaning 

Ultra fast broadband with speeds of up to 900Mbs in some parts of the country. 

Over 5 million free BT WiFi hotspots around the UK meaning wherever you are you’ll probably be able to access fast internet regardless.

Guaranteed fast speeds. BT stay fast ensures you receive your agreed speeds so you get what you’re paying for and not a Mbs less. Should you not receive this then they’ll refund £20 back.

A huge range of television is now available including BT Sport. You can stay up to date with the latest programmes, films and football 

Bt Broadband speeds

BT internet speeds can vary depending on what sort of package you have, where about you are in the country and how far away you are from the exchange (those green boxes you see dotted about) 

Broadband unlimited has an average speed across the country of 10 Mbs 

BT super fast fibre essential has an average speed of 36 Mbs and BT superfast fibre has 50Mbs with Superfast fibre 2 getting an average of 67Mbs nationwide.

BT Broadband Deals

Bt fibre essential

£ 28
  • 24 month contract at a reduced price!
  • average download speed 36Mb
  • average upload speed 9Mb
  • Unlimited usage
  • BT Home Hub 5 with N-rated Wi-Fi
  • BT Virus Protect on 2 devices
  • 200GB Cloud Storage

bt fibre 2 broadband

£ 32
  • 24 month contract at a reduced price!
  • average download speed 67Mb
  • average upload speed 18Mb
  • Unlimited usage
  • BT Smart Hub with ac-rated Wi-Fi and smart technology
  • Stay Fast Guarantee - get your promised speeds
  • Only pay for the calls you use

bt tv & fibre 2 with calls

£ 44
  • 24 months reduced price!
  • 67Mb average download speed
  • 18Mb average upload speed!
  • Truly unlimited usage
  • AMC channel free with BT TV
  • BT Sport Pack free with BT TV
  • BT Smart Hub with ac-rated Wi-Fi

Broadband tester

It’s worth keeping an eye on what speed of broadband you’re actually getting compared to what you’re paying for, it’s no surprise that you’ll never receive a faster internet speed than you should but its worth keeping an eye on the speed you are receiving and making sure its what you’re paying for!.

We recommend you to try a broadband speed tester such as Broadband Speed Checker  or if you are using BT then it’s best to check it using the BT Speed checker, although for more accurate results its best to try both!.

Website tester

For those of you that aren’t just looking to test the speed of their internet but a website – perhaps you’re a website owner or entrepreneur then it’s crucial that you take a look at how quickly your internet speed is running. This is becoming a more important factor in rankings on places like Google so it’s best to stay on top of it. We’d recommend using GT 

GT Metrix is a Free speed tool which will analyse any website and tell you the speed of the site and or any specific pages you put in there. A really handy trick for anyone looking to speed up their site.

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