About Us

Welcome to Appliance Deals. 

Founded in North Yorkshire in 2016 with the goal of saving our customers money as well as time. In recent years the world has changed and the days of browsing your local electrical store are long gone. When looking for the best appliances and electrical, look no further than. Comparing products from across the web. We ensure  all products are from  reputable online and high street brands. Over the years we’ve worked with  different clients and have fruitfully satisfied their needs and preferences.

We promise our large customer base high-quality appliances and electricals and accessories. We have, over the years, worked hard to make sure our clients get the best deals on available products.

We operate online and it has always been a pleasure to serve you and many other customers. We have over 50, 000 products to choose from the best retailers and our customer care services are unparalleled. We know it’s not that easy to satisfy the needs of every clients, but we will do our best to keep your happy, that’s why our huge catalogue is designed to serve all types of customers. To clear your doubts, we currently have served over  10,000 customers and continue to grow. We update our website on a daily basis, ensuring you find the best deals always. Find appliances you want stress-free, may it be home appliances or electronics.

You can grab yourself a great deal any time of the day or night. Intrinsically, Appliance Deals is your go-to online store for appliances and other incredible products.

Why Shop with us

You don’t have to stress wondering where to purchase the best appliances or electronics. Appliances-Deals.com offers more than you can think of. We compare the best deals online from the likes of AO, Appliances Direct, Amazon, Currys and many more. You can place an order with us and we will definitely satisfy your needs. So, why should you shop with us today? Read on

Better Prices

Today’s markets are often price-sensitive and it’s no surprise the number of clients visiting us on daily basis keeps surging as we ensure low prices. Our Clients are always looking for reasonably priced appliances and electrical products. Our prices are budget-friendly than what you will find in your local home appliances and electronics stores.

We  have a friendly team who will make sure you get what you want and can be contacted at anytime. Hence, our clients get a chance to buy products at affordable rates and save extra coins on each order. We stock robust products at competitive prices, and clients can browse through and pick what they want. We encourage our customers to compare appliances prices and pick what they are looking for at the best rates.

appliance city

You don’t even have to leave your house to get any of our products. From the comfort of your home, you can visit us and place an order on whatever item you need. Significantly, you can shop any time of the day or night. You can place an order on the available deals using your smartphone or laptop. We will bring high-quality products direct to your doorstep.

Large product range

We provide our customers a plethora of appliances and electronic products to choose from. We only use the top retailers and brands such as AO, Amazon, Appliancs Direct, Currys, Appliance City and More. At Appliance Deals, we promise our customers high-quality products.

We take our time to choose the right type of items for our customers. We look at the specifications of each product and make sure it’s something every client would want. All the products we have in our online stores will meet your needs and preferences.

Reliable Service

We are more than just an online retailer you can visit any time you wish. We promise you shopping experience and our services are reliable. We differ from our competitors in the sense that we will be there whenever you need us.

Our staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and will make sure you get what you need without any qualms. We thrive on happy customers and we will go above and beyond to make sure you are contented.

Appliance Deals

At Appliance Deals, we put our customers at the forefront and value into consideration. You will not miss any electronic or appliance with the right specifications you are looking for. Feel free to shop with us because our products sell within your budget.

Clear any doubts you may have about shopping online by reading reviews and comments from our large clientele base in UK. You will find out what they have to say about our products and make the right shopping decisions. Get in touch today and find out what we have in store for you and place an order stress-free.