The Best Cheap Laptops To Rent Right Now in 2022

Best Cheap Laptops To Rent Right Now

So you may not have heard but you can rent a laptop and pay for it either monthly or weekly. This isn’t a new thing but its certainly something that is gaining momentum as more and more people are looking for ways to get the products they want without the huge financial outlay initially.

Payments are usually made each month by direct debit but you can also make payments weekly by debit card if you wish. We’ve listed some of the benefits of laptop rental below.

Benefits of laptop rental 

As I mentioned above one of the key benefits of renting a laptop is you can spread the cost and have a really low outlay which you don’t really notice leaving your bank account compared to forking out hundreds on a new one as you’d certainly notice that! 

Another benefit from laptop rental is you are fully covered for all repairs and replacement at no extra cost to yourself which means when your laptop has had it and it’s time for a new  one you can simply exchange it and have a new laptop delivered in no time. 

Our favourite perk about laptop rental is not only are you covered for free repairs but you can also upgrade your device yearly so you’ll always have the latest tech and always pay the lowest price for it! 

Are pay monthly laptops any good?

A pay monthly laptop is a great way of affording the latest tech but not needing to fork out hundreds for it in one go. It’s also becoming increasingly popular in the same way it is to pay for mobile phones monthly or cars and pretty much everything else available on the market nowadays. 

Pay monthly laptops are ideal for just about anyone who is looking to spread the cost but particularly students,  

Now we’ve cut the jargon and explained exactly what laptop rental is all about let’s jump into our list of the best cheap laptops to rent right now.

ASUS C223NA 11.6” Laptop

Asus C223NA-GJ0014 Chromebook in Grey

The ASUS C223NA laptop is a very cheap but popular laptop which is ideal for those on a budget like students.

This ASUS laptop has approximately 10 hours of battery life which makes it ideal if you are on the move a lot or someone that does a lot of browsing. It also has great connectivity with a USB port, HDMI port,  Ethernet port as well as being able to connect seamlessly with wifi.

The ASUSC223NA is a small and compact laptop with an 11.6” screen. It’s also very lightweight at just 1kg and has a very thin screen which makes it easy for those on the move.

This ASUS laptop can be rented for just £2.50 per week or £10 per month which we think is excellent value for money. 

ASUS E410MA Laptop

cheap pay monthly laptops

The ASUS E410MA is an ideal solution for anyone who is on the move a lot thanks to its very impressive 12 hours battery life which is more than most other laptops have.

It’s a very durable laptop that will be able to handle everything you need it to from browsing the internet to using Microsoft office such as word and excel so those assignments will be completed in no time. 

It’s also very lightweight which means transporting it around is easy. It also comes in a range of colours including black, grey and pink so you’ll be able to find the ideal colour to suit you.

The ASUS E410MA laptop is available for £4 per week or £16 per month making it cheaper than the cinema card you don’t use!.

ASUS C243NA 14” laptop

cheap laptop rental. best pay month laptop right now. pay monthly hire a laptop

The ASUS C243NA laptop is ideal for anyone who loves to do the basics such as browsing, streaming or spending time on social media.

This laptop comes with a 14” screen which makes it a good choice for those people who’d rather not stare at a small screen all  of the time. 

It has a 180 degree hinge which makes it easier to share your screen with those around you and it’s also able to lay completely flat.

It also comes with security already built in which means you don’t need to worry about viruses or pop ups or paying for any third party software.

The ASUS C243NA laptop can be rented for £3 per week or £12 per month.

Refurbished iPad Air

ent an ipad. cheap ipad rental. pay monthly ipad. hire an ipad. laptop leasing. ipad leasing

Not strictly a laptop but as it’s one of the most popular tech products in the world we thought we’d include it in our list of best cheap laptops for students.

The iPad doesn’t need an introduction but we’ll give it one anyway. 

A refurbished iPad rental is a great way to get a very popular product for the low monthly fee of £15.00 per month which works out as under £4 per week and cheaper than a coffee. 

Whether you are someone who likes to browse the internet, spend time on social media, play games or check your emails  then a cheap iPad is an ideal choice for you.

The iPad comes with around 10 hours of battery life meaning you can take it virtually anywhere and not need to worry about charging it. 

Rented iPads also come with a screen protector which gives it that extra bit of  protection as we all know tablet screens can be very easily smashed so it gives you that extra peace of mind.

Apple MacBook Air

rent a macbook. cheap apple ipad rental. apple macbook rental. leasing. pay weekly or pay monthly

Rent the Apple MacBook Air the amazing brand new tablet for 2022 which has everything you need in a laptop and more.

This MacBook has a 13” screen and 256gb of storage and 8gb of RAM which makes it an ideal size for those of you who are into doing a bit of everything such as browsing the internet, social media and working from home too.  

The benefit of renting an Apple MacBook is you get all of the quality from an Apple product without the huge outlay in cost, rather than forking out £1,000 this will cost you as little as £27 per month which is very affordable and probably less than your monthly gym membership. 

Apple MacBook airs are available on either 12,24 or 36 month contracts and is available for you to upgrade after the initial term ends.

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