The Best Energy Efficient Washing Machines To Buy Right Now in 2022

Best Energy efficient washers to buy in 2022

Hello and welcome to our review of the best energy efficient washers to buy this year.

The world seems to be moving more towards being greener and just about everybody is aware of the impact they have on the planet nowadays. Being energy efficient is more popular than ever for many reasons – it’s good for the planet, it’s the right thing to do and of course it saves you money as the cost of living keeps rising year on year at unprecedented rates.

We’ve compiled our list of the best energy efficient washing machines on the market so you don’t need to waste time and energy (see what I did there) on scrolling through products comparing the energy ratings and pricing, we’ve done that bit for you so sit back, relax and enjoy our guide

Before we dive in it makes sense to cut the jargon 

What do you mean by energy efficient?

Getting the job done but using less energy which in turn should cut energy bills and reduce pollution.

What is the cost of running a washing machine in the UK?

It’s a difficult one to answer accurately as everybody uses their washer a different amount of time and for different cycle lengths, however based upon the averages we’ve found on our research the average cost of a washer is around 20 pence per cycle – note this was before the energy price increase of February 2022. 

Please note the 20p per cycle is just an average and depends largely the brand of washer you use as well as your energy supplier.

How have we worked this out?

Most manufacturers use 1.24kWh of electricity per hour long cycle and some models will even use as much as 2kWh which brings the cost per cycle to around 33p.


So what are the best energy efficient washing machines in the UK?

AEG L8FEE965R Washing Machine

AEG L8FEE965R 9kg OKO Steam Washing Machine 1600rpm 8000 Series - WHITE

The AEG L8FEE965R washing machine is one of the most popular AEG washers on the market. 

It comes with a 9kg drum which makes it ideal for households of all sizes and can run a load in under an hour.

This AEG washing machine has been built with energy efficiency in mind as you can achieve very thorough cleans at low temperatures and there isn’t a need to add extra detergent either. 

The AEG L8FEE965R washing machine is available at and can be found here.

Samsung ecobubble WW80TA046AX Washing Machine

SAMSUNG ecobubble WW80TA046AX/EU 8 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine - Graphite, Graphite

The Samsung WW80TA046AX washer is a very reliable, durable and most importantly energy efficient washing machine. Samsung are always at the forefront of cutting edge technology whatever the product and with this Samsung washer they are no different!

One of the best settings on this machine is it’s steam setting that ensures all bacteria is removed from the drum so you don’t get any nasty odours or grime building up inside your washer.

This Samsung washing machine comes with an 8kg drum which makes it an ideal choice for all small to medium households, it has a good range of spin settings and is considerably cheaper than the AEG model above. 

The Samsung WW80TA046AX washing machine can be found here.

Beko WTL104121W Washing Machine

Beko WTL104121W 10Kg Washing Machine with 1400 rpm - White - A+++ Rated

This Beko washing machine is a very energy efficient model thanks to its many great features such as its huge 10kg drum which make it the perfect choice for large households or those that do a lot of washing.

There’s also 28 minute quick wash cycle which means you can have your favourite items cleaned very speedy. Another great feature of this Beko washer is how quiet it is which makes it an ideal choice for those living in an open plan house. 

The Beko WTL104121W also has an anti allergy setting which removes 99.9% of all dust, pet hair and pollen meaning your laundry will come out fresh. This feature makes this Beko washer an ideal choice for anyone sensitive to allergies.

The WTL104121W has an RRP of £329 which puts it bang in the middle when it comes to price of a decent washer, although we’d say this is definitely value for money.

Hoover H-WASH 500 HW411AMBCB Washing Machine

energy efficient washing machines

The Hoover H Wash HW411AMBCB comes with a great range of features such as it’s active Care technology which mean it ensures you have the perfect amount of water and detergent in each wash and on average users report better results of up to 20%.

This model comes with an impressive 11kg drum which means it’s suitable even for the biggest of households including large families, house shares or just those that do a lot of washing. There’s also a snazzy smart feature which enables you to keep an eye on your wash from anywhere as long as you’ve got a phone handy!

There’s a 24 hour delay timer which means you can programme your washes to come on at night when the cost of electricity is cheaper and it’s 1400 spin will leave clothes coming out almost dry meaning there’s less need to get the tumble dryer out.

The Hoover H Wash HW411AMBCB Washing Machine is available at AO and Currys and has an RRP of £449

GRUNDIG GW781041FW Washing Machine

GRUNDIG GW781041FW Washing Machine

Grundig washing machines are becoming increasingly popular and with the GW781041FW it’s very easy to see why. This grundig washer has a huge 10kg drum which makes it an ideal choice for households of all sizes or those that do a lot of washing.

A green feature we love on this model is that it catches 90% of all microfibres during synthetic washes which means there’s less toxic waste going into our water systems.  It also features recycled PET tubs, which are made from up to 60 recycled bottles to reduce plastic waste.

There is a quick wash programme which cleans your laundry in under half an hour meaning you use less water, there’s also 14 programmes to choose from in total so you’ll be sure to find one for you!

You can also reduce ironing time thanks to the steam function which removes up to 50% of creases 

The Grundig GW781041FW has an RRP of £469 and can be found at Currys. 

BOSCH WAU28T64GB Washing Machine

BOSCH Serie 6 WAU28T64GB 9 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine - White, White

The Bosch WAU28T64GB is one of Bosch’s top washers at the moment and it’s easy to see why it’s ended up on our list of the best energy efficient washing machines to buy.

One of the features we love on this Bosch Washer is its super quick wash which can clean a small load of up to 2kg in just 15 minutes! There’s also an anti allergy program which is a great choice for those who suffer from allergies such as hay fever or are sensitive to dust and pets. 

There’s a speed perfect setting which reduces the length of time a cycle runs for by up to 65% which makes this model one of the more energy efficient washers on the market. 

Other great features we  loved were the delay timer by up to 24 hours meaning you can schedule a wash in for those cheaper hours like night time and the Drum Clean feature which ensures your Bosch Washing Machine is kept in the best conditions possible.

The Bosch Serie 6 WAU28T64GB has an RRP of £499 and can be purchased from Currys 

And there you have it there is our list of the most energy efficient washing machines to buy right now in 2022. We’ve listed below some top tips to keep you as energy efficient as possible, saving you money & helping the planet at the same time. You can find our full ranger of washers available right here.

How Can I Be More Energy Efficient?

We are all trying to do our bit to be more energy efficient but how exactly can we be more energy efficient when using our washing machine? And how can we save money?

A good Indicator of how good to the planet your washer is would be to first check out its energy label, now they were recently changed and no longer use the old A+++ ratings but it’s still pretty easy to tell how good your washer is. 

The energy rating on washers tend to vary quite drastically and most of the newer machines tend to have a better rating, however it isn’t just down to what the label says it’s also about how you use it, here’s a few other tips:

Load size

This may not be something you think about when it comes to trying to be more green but your load size can help you save money and water, rather than running smaller cycles we’d recommend using your machine to its capacity and only using full loads 

Cycle length 

We’ve just referenced using full loads and to go with that we’d suggest trying to run only shorter cycles too. The benefits of this are less water used which means less money spent on water, particularly good if you’re on a water meter.


As well as running shorter cycles it’s also a good idea to run as many of those cycles on a low temperature where possible, we’d recommend any clothes that are ‘just going in the wash’ to be ran on light cycles and predominately use warmer temperature cycles for anything that needs a good boil wash such as bed sheets and anything that’s heavily soiled.

Please note it’s good to run a boil wash every now and again as it kills any bacteria that may be building up in your washing machine.

High spin speeds

A top tip for a wash is to put it on a higher spin speed setting which spins your clothes and sometimes almost dries them too which means there’s no need to put that tumble dryer on!.

Night time energy 

Something else we’d highly recommend is using your washing machine during off peak hours when electricity is much cheaper and can even be up to half the price than what it costs during peak hours.

Before doing this please ensure you check with your electricity supplier about when the off peak energy times are so you can make the most of it! We’ve found most tend to start around 8pm but it’s best to be safe.

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