Cheap Juicers

Thinking of getting on the juice train and joining the fitness and juicing revolution ? You’ve come to the right place at Appliance Deals.

Our juicers are the perfect solution for anyone looking to make their own juice drinks and smoothies in no time. 

Our juicers will make light work of even the toughest of fruit and veg which means you can enjoy them within minutes!. 

At Appliance Deals We search all of the best juicers available including Currys juicers,  AO Juicers & many more too. We also have the top brands such as Braun juicers and of course NutriBullet juicers and many more.

What to look for?

Nowadays juicing isn’t just a fad or a phase and is often part of many diets across the world so it makes sense to know what to look for when looking to buy a juicer.

We’d suggest looking out for a pulp catcher in the juicer which basically stores all pulp for easy disposal. A juicer with a big feeding tube is a good shout too as it allows you to put the whole item in and cut it up in no time. 

You can also get a bit creative and whip up your own juice or smoothies the way you like it!. If you’re having a few cheeky drinks on Saturday night then you can experiment with that too.

It’s also worth looking for Dishwasher safe parts and pulp reservoirs make for easy juicer cleaning. As you don’t want an extra task, particularly a sticky one. 


And lastly it’s worth looking at design depending on what you’ve into there’s a great range of colours, shapes and of course styles such as a retro style from Smeg. 

There’s also slow juicing technology used in a lot of juicers now to preserve vitamins and nutrients and give you that freshly squeezed taste.

As with most people their nutrition is an important part of their day so you’ll love our ever growing range of cold press juicers from all of the top brands like Braun and Sage.

Cold press press juicer machines help to retain as much of the nutrient and vitamin content of your fruit and veg as possible. They differ from a traditional electric juicer as they produce heat which causes enzymes & vitamins in your juice to break down much faster. Cold press juicers ensure that any juices that have a much longer shelf life which means you can enjoy it for longer.

Now you’ve seen our little blurb on our juicers you can scroll down and check them out for yourself. Always a great deal at Appliance Deals

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