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Keep cool always with a brand new fridge freezer.

Store your fresh and frozen groceries with ease with our great range of refrigeration units, and discover our range of built in fridge freezers.

We have a range of Frost Free fridge freezers and suit every size available including 50/50, 60/40, 70/30 fridge freezers and more all with the latest technology.

Unsure of what to choose? Get in touch and we’ll recommend something based on your requirements. whether it be a Beko fridge or Bosch Freezer we’ll find the right appliance for you.

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How to measure a Fridge freezer

Before you invest hundreds of pounds of your hard earned money It’s important to measure the space you want to put your new fridge freezer into as it can often be a tight squeeze in the kitchen or utility room and it’s vital you get it right. You  don’t want a too tight fit or it to not fit at all.

Ideally a new fridge freezer will have a gap of around 3cm either side of it and around 5cm at the back of the appliance to ensure it works to its best and has brought room to breathe – this prevents it from overheating.

Avoid  ice build  ups

Nowadays Most refrigerators  come with some sort of automatic defrost function which means there’s not a lot to do and it stops build ups of ice from building up inside the fridge. With the freezer you can get a frost free option which means the same thing where there’ll be no build up of frost as once every 24 hours it will earn up on the outside to get rid of any potential ice build ups which means no need to de frost.
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What size fridge freezer is best?

We advise how big all of our appliances are including our fridge freezer. To give you a guide of how it usually works a standard freezer of about 60 litres will hold around 3 full bags of shopping, this tends to be ideal for those on their own or those living as a couple. A 240L freezer usually can fit up to 14 full  bags of food shopping which is much more orwxticsl and worth it for most households. We’d recommend families of more then 3 would benefit from this.

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