Veltech TVs

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Are Veltech TV’s any good?

Veltech TVs have become increasingly popular in recent years and its easy to see why, not only are they very affordable but they also keep up to date with the latest technology such as Smart TV features, 3D features and also come in a range of sizes ranging from 19″ – 65″ TVs.

Full HD

Most Veltech TVs now have a Full HD 1080p LED screen which will let you enjoy HD channels and Blu-ray movies in stunning high definition. By delivering a much better resolution than a standard definition TV, this model brings all your favourite shows to life with a sharp picture and vivid colours. So everything will look amazing – from soaps to sports – and you’ll never miss a second of the action.

Top TV tips

Remember that a TV’s size in inches is diagonal from corner to corner. So, if you’re using the stand, you’ll need to check the width of the TV in the product specification to make sure it’ll fit on your furniture. Check the feet too – if they’re at the edges of the TV, make sure they’ll both fit on your TV stand.

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