10m LC-SC 9/125 OS1 Duplex Singlemode PVC Fibre Optic Cable (LSZH) –




10m LC-SC 9/125 OS1 Duplex Singlemode PVC Fibre Optic Cable (LSZH) – Yellow Product Description Cost-effective solution that provides high bandwidth and transmission rates over longer distances. With LC to SC termination, this high quality fibre optic patch cable is specifically designed for Gigabit Ethernet applications. The Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH / LS0H) jacket is composed from materials that lessen the smoke and halogen emissions when the cable is exposed to extreme temperatures. This reduces the amount of harmful toxic and corrosive gases that cabling made with plastic materials would otherwise emit into the air during combustion. This construction makes LSZH cables ideal for use where the protection of people and equipment from harmful corrosive gases is absolutely critical. The patented injection moulding process provides each connection greater durability in resisting pulls, strains and impacts from cabling installs. Connectors: o LC Connector Dimensions: 10. 75mm Height x 12. 5mm Width x 50mm Depth (with installed duplex clip) o SC Connector Dimensions: 10. 6mm Height x 26mm Width x 58mm Depth (with installed duplex clip) Cables: o Maximum Connector Loss: 0. 50 dB o Typical Connector Loss: 0. 30 dB o Typical Return Loss: -55 dB o Buffer Material: PVC o Buffer OD: 900 um o Jacket Material: LSZH PVC (OFNR riser-rated) o Jacket OD: 1. 8 mm o Installation Tensile Load: 100 N (445 lbs) o Long-Term Tensile Load: 50 N (222 lbs) o Maximum Tensile Load: 100 N/cm o Installation (Loaded) Minimum Bend Radius: 5. 0cm (1. 97in) o Long-Term (Unloaded) Minimum Bend Radius: 3. 0cm (1. 2in) o Crush Resistance: 750 N/cm o Impact Resistance: 1, 000 cycles o Flex Resistance: 5, 000 cycles o Attenuation at 1550 nm: 0. 25 dB/km o Attenuation at 1310 nm: 0. 35 dB/km o Operating Temperature: -20?C to +70?C