11-piece 1000V Insulated Screwdriver and Pliers Set




11-piece 1000V Insulated Screwdriver and Pliers Set You could be installing sockets, fitting lights or changing a plug. But whatever the task, if you re working with electrical systems or electronic goods insulated tools are the sensible choice. Insulated tools are a way to protect yourself and avoid expensive damage. The Isprotek 11-piece set comes in a durable zippered storage case so is highly portable. It contains a variety of useful carbon steel tools with PP and TPR handles, including screwdrivers (in a variety of sizes and both head shapes). The set also contains cutters and pliers, plus an electrical voltage testing meter. Features Insulated tools Includes durable zippered storage case Great portable toolkit Contents 4 x flathead / slot 1000V electrical insulated screwdriver (2. 5 x 75mm / 3. 0 x 100mm / 5. 5 x 125mm / 6. 5 x 150mm) 3 x crosshead / Phillips 1000V electrical insulated screwdriver (PH0 x 60mm / PH1 x 80mm / PH2 x 100mm) 6″ insulated long nose pliers 6″ insulated side cutter 7″ insulated combination pliers Electrical voltage tester with 110 to 250V AC testing range