Canon Photo Red Ink Tank 300ml For IPF6400 – 5309B001AA



The Canon iPF6450 Red ink cartridge is a ultra high quality ink tank designed for precise colour graphics that will bring your images to life. By using genuine Canon iPF6450 ink tanks will enable you to print the most brightest and deepest Red colours to your prints with outstanding clarity, richness and accuracy. Further Information The Canon PFI-206R Red ink cartridge well suited for use in photo prints/ fine art prints and popular with graphic designer due to the pigment ink system delivering vivid colors which can now be achieved on a variety of media types, including glossy paper along with offering superior light fastness. By using genuine Canon iPF6450 ink cartridges you will reduce bronzing on your prints in which colors seem to differ from the original color or have a metallic shine due to diffused reflection of illumination on the print surface. Another benefit of using genuine Canon iPF6450 ink tanks is the rubfastness which prevents the surface from peeling or being scratched when a printed surface is rubbed.