CDA EDD61BL 60cm Wide Black Downdraft Extractor



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Downdraft extractors are ideal for those who either have their hob on an island kitchen unit or those who simply don’t like the look of a traditional cooker hood. This CDA downdraft extractor has a modern minimalist appearance and can be hidden away after use giving you an extractor that is functional and not obtrusive to your kitchen design. HOW WILL THIS FIT INTO MY KITCHEN? Downdraft extractors are designed to fit into your kitchen countertop and raise up when in use.When the extractor is installed behind an electric hob the minimum distance between the hob and extractor must exceed . 50mm.. With a gas hob the minimum distance from any burner to the back of the hob must be . 65mm. so measure your available countertop space with the dimensions carefully before ordering Dimensions . (H) 740mm x (W) 580mm x (D) 116mm DUCTED OR RE-CIRCULATING INSTALLATION This CDA extractor is suitable for different kitchen outlays as it is able to duct out or recirculate your unwanted cooking odours and steam.If you decide to duct out you will need to use a ducting kit and if you want to recirculate the air from the extractor you will need to purchase charcoal filters. 4 SPEED EXTRACTION POWER The CDA downdraft extractor gives you optimum control over the amount of extraction power going to your cooking with 4 speed settings. With the lowest setting extracting 250 m³/hr and the fourth speed jumping up to an intensive speed of 636m³/hr this extractor can tackle the most light or heavy amounts of cooking steam and grease. TOUCH CONTROLS With a smooth and modern glass control panel it’s easy to adjust the downdraft extractor at the touch of a fingertip. Minimal in design it comes with easy to read control icons that make operation effortless.   . 10 MINUTE TIMER While the extractor is running touching the “Timer” key once will set it to run for a further ten minutes then automatically shut down. This feature is most useful when you finish cooking and need to leave the kitchen unattended whilst you sit down to dinner. EASY TO LOOK AFTER Downdraft extractors are smaller than traditional cooker hoods which makes them much easier to maintain. To make it even easier to look after the aluminium grease filters are dishwasher-safe which saves you cleaning time. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION . This extractor is certified for use with gas hobs with a rating of 11.3kW or lessHeight adjustableMotor included . EXTRACTION RATES AND NOISE . Extraction rate at first speed 250 m³/hrNoise level at first speed 30 dB(A)Extraction rate at second speed 420m³/hrNoise level at second speed 40 dB(A)Extraction rate at third speed 550m³/hrNoise level at third speed 48 dB(A)Extraction rate at fourth speed 636m³/hrNoise level at fourth speed  69 dB(A) . FILTERS and; EXTRACTION . Number of grease filters 1Number of charcoal filters (optional) 2Charcoal filter code CHA19Ducting kit AED61/63/64 .   . Key Features Stylish downdraft extractor4 speed extraction power with intensive settingTouch controls10 minute timerHeight adjustable  .