Devola 16″ DC Quiet Pedestal Fan – DV16DCPF


Devola 16″ DC Quiet Pedestal Fan – DV16DCPF
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Devola 16″ DC Quiet Pedestal Fan – DV16DCPF

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Devola 16″ DC Quiet Pedestal Fan – DV16DCPF

Streamlined and substantial, the Devola 16” pedestal fan is a perfect choice for both home and office, with multiple features to make it fit for any purpose.  Even without the initial advantage of having 12 fan speeds, 38° vertical oscillation and 70° horizontal oscillation, this fan has four distinctive fan modes. The first is normal, wherein the fan operates at the speed you set it at, and oscillates at the rate you decided upon. The second is nature, which is when the fan oscillates at varying rates, and the fan speed changes by itself, which is all to simulate the feeling of a serene ocean breeze. The third mode is sleep – this is when the fan slowly shuts itself off to avoid disrupting your peaceful rest. Finally, there is an Eco Mode which will run according to the ambient temperature to reduce any energy wastage. This fan also features a DC motor, which not only means cheaper run rates (0.39p, based off of a rate of 14p per kW per hour), but also certifies that it’s quieter. A DC motor also ensures that it has a much longer lifespan than fans without. The Devola Quiet Pedestal Fan also has an adjustable height press, going from a height of 820mm all the way up to 1050mm. PEACEFUL SLEEP: Perfect for a quiet bedroom (or even office!) when set to sleep mode, the Devola 16” pedestal fan gently shuts itself off over a set period of time, just to make sure it doesn’t interfere with your peaceful rest or work. VARIABLE MODES: There are two other modes on this fan – Normal and Nature. When set to normal mode, it follows the options you set it up with – whereas when you set it to Nature mode, the fan automatically changes speeds and rates of oscillation to simulate the cool ocean breeze. STRONG COOLING: Functioning at wind speeds of 5.5 m/s maximum, and an air flow of 1728 m³/hour, this fan has incredible cooling power. This, combined with the vertical oscillation of 38° and a horizontal of 70°, makes it a long-reaching and substantial fan, useful in any situation. ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Although the fan is on a pedestal, it can be moved both up and down according to your needs – with dimensions of 398 x 370 x 1050 mm and a weight of 3.5kg, this fan is portable and adjustable, making it viable for moving from room to room. CUSTOMISE: Offering 12 wind speeds, up to a 7 hour timer, an automatic horizontal oscillation, a manual vertical oscillation and can run at as little as 20 decibels, this fan is a real show stopper. WARRANTY: A Free 1 Year Warranty

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