Ebac DD900 industrial dehumidifier



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. The DD900 desiccant dehumidifier has a compact rugged lightweight design which facilitates easy transportation by one person and is easily accommodated within space restricted areas. The unit incorporates a PTC Heater ensuring maximum drying is immediately reached and constantly maintained while the unit is running. The dual air inlet feature of the DD900 is ideal for installations where the regeneration supply air needs to be kept separate from the process supply air. In addition to the hours run meter which shows the units running time. Manual / Automatic control is a standard feature within the DD range of desiccant dehumidifiers and a remote humidistat can quickly and easily be connected for automatic operation and control The EIP range of DD desiccant dehumidifiers are all manufactured from a high grade stainless steel ensuring a rust free product when used in the most sever of applications The spigot connectors allow quick and easy installation All models incorporate a high efficiency patented PPS Rotor. This design incorporate a 82% active Silica Gel to ensure optimum performance over the equipments wide operating range of environments. All desiccant rotors supplied by EIPL are washable and designed for high performance / long lifeFeatures Voltage 230Phase 1Frequency(Hz) 50Power(kW) 9.8Current(A) 13Process Airflow – Dry Air (m3/hr) 900Regen Airflow – Wet Air (m3/hr) 250Process Air Duct Size (mm) 203Regen Air Duct Size – Wet Air (mm) 152Rotor Wheel Speed (rph) 13.6Typical Extraction(l/d) 135Min Operating Temp (C) -20Max OperatingTemp (C) 40. .