Epson EB-Z10005U Installation Projector WUXGA 1920 x 1200 10000lumen



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BRIGHT INSTALLATION PROJECTOR Epson’s first 10000 lumen WUXGA resolution large venue projector the EB-Z10000U is simple to set-up and benefits from 3LCD technology.With 10000 lumens brightness and WUXGA resolution the black EB-Z10005U is an impressive and versatile installation projector. Able to project portrait aspect images for digital signage the EB-Z10005U has a flexible installation angle lens shift for off-centre positioning and plenty of calibration options with optional Wi-Fi and HDBaseT connectivity. Clear images and 3LCD technology At 10000 lumens the EB-Z10005U is Epson’s brightest WUXGA resolution projector yet. This projector benefits from Epson’s 3LCD technology which ensures high-quality images with equally high White and Colour Light Output for vivid colours and bright images even in daylight and three times brighter colours than competitive projectors. Perfect for large venues Museums auditoriums and corporate environments can benefit from the EB-Z10005U’s large projected image ideal for making a big impact. Portrait projection Able to project portrait aspect images the EB-Z10005U is ideal for digital signage. Welcome to a whole new way of seeing things; portrait mode is also useful when a venue or event such a fashion show doesn’t lend itself to landscape projection. Easy set-up As well as a flexible installation angle and lens shift for off-centre positioning the EB-Z10005U includes plenty of calibration options such as edge blending test patterns frame interpolation and Epson’s Super Resolution feature. Connectivity The EB-Z10005U includes HDBaseT which allows up to five connections in one. Optional Wi-Fi and SDI are also included for extra flexibility. Short-throw capability Great news for auditoriums and lecture theatres; a new and exclusive LU02 short throw lens allows this projector to be positioned closer to the screen..