Google Home Mini – Smart Speaker – Charcoal



What stands out Just say . "OK Google". and the Google Home Mini respondsHands-free control over your home – plugs bulbs thermostat and moreEveryone can have a personalised experience thanks to Googles Voice MatchPersonalised help with your schedule reminders calls and moreAsk questions – News weather locations sports scores every day questionsVoice controlled music – from your phone Google Play Music Spotify TuneIn and moreStream shows and movies to your TV with ChromecastEasily set up and manage the Google Home Mini from the free Google app on your phone The details A small but mighty helping hand around the home. Just say . "Ok Google". and the Google Home Mini is ready to go. You'll be surprised at just how much this nifty gadget knows and what it can do for you. Voice control smart devices around your home control music hands-free ask it questions get live sport updates and scores help with your schedule travel times news and even stream shows to your TV. Thanks to Voice Match technology recognising your voice everyone at home gets a personalised experience.It comes in handy in every room of the home. Start your day off by saying . "Ok Google good morning". and the Google Home Mini will greet you good morning let you know what's scheduled in your calendar for the day what the weathers doing and how your commute to work is looking. When you're in the kitchen you can turn to Google for a recipe recommendation and you can even get step by step instructions as you cook. Need to pick up some milk? Just ask Google where the nearest shop is it can even tell you the opening times and how long it will take you to get there. Planning a holiday? Ask Google for help. It can tell you what there is to do at your chosen destination flight prices and it can even help you learn a bit of the lin-go with translation help. You can have some fun with Google too ask it everyday questions it can tell you a joke or a riddle and it can even play games with you like quizzes trivia magic 8 ball and more.Control your music hands-free. Google Home Mini uses popular music services to play by artist song genre album playlist mood or activity it's up to you just ask. It can also stream shows and movies to your TV through Chromecast. Just say – . "Ok Google play Stranger Things on Netflix". or . "Ok Google Play yoga videos on my TV". it's as easy as that.That not all that's hands-free with the help of the Google Home Mini. It's compatible with a wide variety of smart devices from different brands. Fit smart plugs around the home and Google can switch things on and off for you like lamps fans and more . "OK Google turn on the TV"Use smart bulbs in your rooms and you can control the lights without having to move from the sofa Google can even tell you which lights in the home are on. With compatible smart thermostat controls you'll have full control with your voice great for warming the house up in the morning Google can even tell you what the current temperature is. It's so handy you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Essential info Dimensions . H4.2 x W9.8 cm Weight . 173 g Power cable . 150 cm Wi-Fi . 802.11b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz/5Ghz) Wi-Fi Bluetooth . Bluetooth 4.1 input support Supported OS . Android 4.4 and; higher iOS 9.1 and; higher Whats in the box? . x1 Google Home Minix1 Power adapter and; cablex1 Quick start guide More info . Use Bluetooth to play any music from your phoneListen to radio stations – Ok Google play Capital London on TuneInVoice Match – ensures everyone can get their own schedule playlists an