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H-WASH&DRY 500 is the most reliable and efficient washer dryer, capable to perfectly and efficiently wash any kind of stain, taking care of fibres, thanks to the new long-lasting Eco-Power Motor. POWER CARE SYSTEM – Creates a perfect mixture of water and detergent that deeply penetrates into the fibers, removing all stains even at lower temperatures giving professional results. The KG Mode Plus, due to a new intelligent algorithm, that perfectly adjusts water, energy and time consuption according to actual loading, optimizing resources utilization in any washing circumstance. AUTO CARE CYCLE – The Auto Care programme sets you free from chores, it is capable to automatically adapting the cleaning action to the quantity and type of the load giving the best results without any worries. ***** COMPLETE SET OF 9 CARE CYCLES – H-WASH&DRY 500 is a unique machine offering a complete set of Care Cycles, allowing to keep all your favourite clothes looking good for longer time and without any effort. ***** ***** ACTIVE BALANCE – The Active Balance technology optimises the rotation of the drum and always gives the best rinsing results. It reduces washing time and machine vibrations. ***** ***** CARE-DOSE – The Care Dose system is an advanced detergent storage device, capable of releasing the perfect amount of liquid detergent for multiple cycles. You will never forget to add detergent again. ***** ***** LABEL SCAN AND VIRTUAL WARDROBE – Forget your landry labels! The exclusive Scan to Care function, available via hOn App, allows to create your virtual wardrobe. Just take a picture of your garment, the App will collect and store all your clothes washing instructions, suggesting the specific programme and treatment to take care of them. ***** THE ADVANTAGES OF BEING CO ECTED – Enhance your washing performance with the new hOn App and access a world of exclusive extra contents: * Check the status of your washing machine remotely and receive end of cycle notification to never forget your laundry * Get more than 60 additional cycles to take care of specific garment or fabric * Get programmed maintenance updates and reminders to preserve your washer’s reliability * Get suggestions about the perfect detergent settings for your load. You will be able to optimize washing results and reduce wastes * Get real-time consumption data during washing cycles and track your usage habits to improve efficiency * Access useful stain guides with over 50 tips to treat your clothes at best ***** ECO-POWER MOTOR – H-WASH&DRY 500 is equipped with a new generation of PERMANENT MAGNET BRUSHLESS motor, the most long-lasting, powerful and efficient belt driven technology available. ***** ***** HYGIENE CYCLE – Hygiene cycle is designed to remove allergens and bacteria from your laundry by increasing the washing temperature up to 60°C for a prolonged time and by extending the rinsing phase at the end. It is the ideal programme for sanitizing personal and baby clothes, ensuring the best hygiene and care for your family. ***** At Appliance Deals we search over 50,000 deals everyday so we can always ensure we bring you the best offers online which saves you both money and time. We search all of the biggest retailers such as AO, Currys, John Lewis, Appliances Direct and more.

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