HP 35A Black Dual Pack Toner Cartridge – CB435AD



Ebuyer s Specialist Print Team are here to help by Making sure you get the right printing product Making sure you get the very best service possible Making sure you get the fastest delivery possible Making sure you get the lowest price – everytime! Here at ebuyer. com you can expect the best prices and value from us. We have chosen to sell the HP 35A Dual Pack Black Toner Cartridge CB435AD as a special promotion as it offers exceptional value for money. It saves time, too; once an HP CB435AD toner cartridge runs out, there is an immediate replacement, allowing you time to re-stock. The HP 35A twin pack guarantees sharper greyscale images and the crispest, most solid, black text. Looking at 3, 000 pages before replenishment of your cartridges is ideal for companies or individuals wanting to print volume black and white or greyscale documents. If fits into your HP laserjet easier than any compatible toner cartridge can, it has sharper print, it has less wastage and offers recyclable green technology. The HP 35A Dual Pack Black Toner Cartridge (Hewlett Packard Manufacturer code: CB435AD) This dual HP toner cartridge pack is capable of printing three thousand laser quality pages. If you have office or home printing needs you really cannot buy better. Ebuyer. com continually try to reduce your company s printing costs by offering value added stock like the HP Laser Jet Toner Cartridge Dual Packs. Original HP 35A Dual Pack Black Toner Cartridges CB435AD represent up to 70% of the printing system and are designed with the printer to provide reliable, professional results that save you time. HP multipacks further reduce your printing costs and save you and your staff time. The HP Laser Jet 35A Black Print Cartridge gets your printing right the first time and every time. Enjoy reliable, cost-effective, professional results with original HP Laser Jet cartridges. With the genuine HP 35A Dual Pack Black Toner Cartridge CB435AD (Hewlett Packard 35A) Multipack toner cartridges, you can