JML Vac Pack Replacement Large Bags – 2 Pack


JML Vac Pack Replacement Large Bags – 2 Pack Shop Cheap Low Cost Vacuum Cleaner Accessories & More at Appliance Deals. Fast Delivery on All Electricals. Shop & Save Today.

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JML Vac Pack Replacement Large Bags – 2 Pack

Ru ing out of storage space? Wardrobes a disaster zone? VacPacks from JML are the incredible storage solution that gives you more space for your stuff! Simply pack your items, seal the patented watertight zip, then vacuum out the air, and in no time at all your home will look organised and feel tidy. It’s the revolutionary way to store, protect, and care for your possessions. The JML Vac Pack bags are designed to make up to a third more room in your bulging drawers and wardrobes instantly; as bulky ski and sportswear, duvets, towels and sleeping bags pack down instantly. These handy vac bags also make storing away your summer or winter clothes a breeze when the seasons change. You’ll find so many uses – triple your storage space today! Features and Benefits Durable construction and double sealed locking mechanism- Ensuring an airtight and waterproof environment, so your items stay safe, dry, and protected. Versatile- Works with any vacuum nozzle. Ideal for homes with limted storage space- Compress, protect, and organise for more space in your home. Made from nylon- Designed to lock out dirt, dust, bugs, and moisture. Transparent – So locating stored items is quick and easy. Specifications Guarantee: 1 year Colour: Clear Material: Plastic Not suitable for feather pillows and duvets Variations Small & medium: H29 x W18 x D6.5cm Large: H34 x W16 x D5cm Jumbo: H34 x W16 x D6cm

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