liebherr IKB2360 122x56cm 196L In-column Integrated Fridge With BioFresh Drawers



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BioFreshFruit and vegetables meat fish and milk products retain their healthy vitamins the delicate aroma and appetising appearance considerably longer at a temperature of slightly above 0 C than in a conventional refrigeration compartment. SuperCoolThe automatic SuperCool function lowers the refrigerator temperature down to as far as +2 C for as long as 12 hours – ideal for rapidly cooling freshly stored food. Drawers mounted on telescopic railsThe drawers extend on smooth-running telescopic rails and can be conveniently removed at a door opening angle of 90. SoftSystem closing mechanismThe SoftSystem closing damping is comfortable and highly practical in everyday use. When the door is closed the SoftSystem integrated in the door damps the movement and ensures particularly soft closing even when the door interior is fully loaded. On built-in devices the door closes automatically from an opening angle of around 30. SoftTelescopicAll BioFresh safes and pull-out compartments fitted with SoftTelescopic feature a convenient self-retracting system with gentle SoftSystem making everyday use practical and safe.They can be completely pulled out and removed even at a door opening angle of 90. LED light columnLED light columns on either side evenly illuminate the entire refrigerator interior. The lighting gradually brightens when the door is opened and a special satin finish on the light cover creates an elegant lighting ambience. The light columns are designed to allow the position of the glass shelves to be adjusted. Touchscreen controlsThe innovative touchscreen controls with an LC display guarantee that the selected temperatures for the individual wine safes are constantly maintained. The digital display accurately indicates the temperature to the nearest degree and all functions can easily be selected and adjusted using the touchscreen interface. A door and temperature alarm alerts you to any irregularities e.g. the door is left open and a child safety function prevents any unintentional changes to the settings. Divisible glass shelfOne half of the divisible glass shelf can slide underneath the other; this provides greater storage flexibility as taller containers can be readily accommodated. All the glass shelves are made from safety glass and can be inserted at different heights as required. Door-on-door systemThe unit door and appliance door are firmly interconnected with the unit door being fixed directly onto the appliance door. Key Features . BioFresh drawers with humidity control to create the perfect environment to extend the life of your fruit and vegSuperCool to rapidly chill new items and extend their fridge life196 Litres of usable space enough for 10 bags of groceriesAutomatic defrosting fridgeA++ Energy rating to save you money off your utility bills (121 kWh/year)5 Fridge shelves 2 BioFresh fruit and veg drawers2 Year warranty for peace of mindDimensions (mm) H1224 x W559 x D544Flame retardant aluminium foil back. .