Liebherr KBef4330 Comfort BioFresh Freestanding Fridge – Smart Steel



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BioFreshIn the BioFresh compartments food retains its healthy vitamins aroma and appetising appearance significantly longer than in a conventional fridge. Through its advanced technology the temperature is accurately kept at just above 0C. GlassLineThe distinctive GlassLine interior conveys build and finish quality. The shelves are made of safety glass. The sectioned slide-under glass shelf lends itself to versatile use as it can be inserted at different heights as required. Handle With Integrated Opening MechanismThe sturdy secure handles have an elegant premium quality appearance and feature an integrated opening mechanism which allows convenient and effortless door opening. LEDThe LED ceiling light creates a high-class ambience within the refrigerator. Its beautifully designed space-efficient housing is centrally positioned to provide a delightfully even illumination. SuperCoolSuperCool generates greater cold reserves so that freshly stored food can be rapidly chilled. Reversion from the chilling temperature of +2C to the normal refrigeration temperature is time or quantity-controlled to help save energy. PowerCoolingThe high-performance PowerCooling system ensures that freshly stored produce is rapidly cooled and that an even temperature is maintained throughout the appliance interior. The FreshAir activated charcoal filter that is integrated into the fan purifies circulating air and quickly traps odours. Versatile Bottle ShelfThe versatile bottle shelf is an innovative feature in many Liebherr models. It can be positioned above or below the glass shelf to suite individual requirements. SmartDevice CapableLiebherr appliances labelled with a SmartDevice logo can be networked to the SmartDeviceBox which allows the appliance to access further services and be controlled remotely from a computer or mobile device. The SmartDeviceBox is available as an accessory. However appliances with the letter i in their model name (for example Kbi 4350) already have the SmartDeviceBox integrated as standard. Key Features . A+++ Energy efficiency rating (78 kWh/year)390 L usable capacityBioFresh drawers with humidity control to create the optimum environment for your fruit and vegSuperCool to rapidly chill new itemsSlimline handle with integrated opening mechanismSmartDevice – can connect with Liebherr’s SmartDeviceBox to remotely control the appliance from a computer or mobile phoneLED lighting for less energy usage and far lower heat generatedMetal bottle rack included to help keep your fridge organised efficientlySN-T Climate class (operates best in ambient temps 10-43C)Visual & audible malfunction warning signal. .