Liebherr SIGN3556 Integrated In Column Frost Free Freezer



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NoFrostLiebherrs NoFrost appliances provide expert refrigeration technology to ensure long-term freshness. The food is frozen with chilled recirculating air and any humidity is expelled. As a result the freezer is always free of ice and food no longer frosts over. NoFrost convenience makes defrosting a thing of the past. SoftSystem closing mechanismThe SoftSystem closing damping is comfortable and highly practical in everyday use. When the door is closed the SoftSystem integrated in the door damps the movement and ensures particularly soft closing even when the door interior is fully loaded. On built-in devices the door closes automatically from an opening angle of around 30. Touchscreen controlsThe innovative touchscreen controls with an LC display guarantee that the selected temperatures for the individual wine safes are constantly maintained. The digital display accurately indicates the temperature to the nearest degree and all functions can easily be selected and adjusted using the touchscreen interface. A door and temperature alarm alerts you to any irregularities e.g. the door is left open and a child safety function prevents any unintentional changes to the settings. FrostSafeWith the FrostSafe the extra-high and removable drawers are closed all round. This means that the cold cannot dissipate so quickly when the appliance is opened. The transparent front of the compartments guarantees an optimum overview of the frozen items. Height-adjustable feetThe height adjustable feet allow Liebherr appliances to be aligned ensuring the appliance is level on most surfaces. Ice cube trayThe generously sized ice cube tray features a lid and a convenient filling opening for easy refilling with water. The lid seals tightly so that the tray can be moved and stored without spillages. Key Features . Automatic SuperFrost to rapidly freeze new items locking in nutrients and freshnessFrostSafe – fully enclosed drawers mean less cold lost when door is opened transparent frontsNoFrost frost free system so you never need to defrost ever againSoftSystem closing mechanism to softly close the doors213 Litres of usable freezer spaceReversible door hinge so you can position the freezer wherever you likeA++ Energy rating to save you big money off your energy bills (244 kWh/year)2 year warranty for peace of mindDimensions (mm) H1770 x W559 x D5448Freezer drawersFlame retardant aluminium foil back. .