LiquidNano Antibacterial Steri-Wipes (4 Pack)


LiquidNano Antibacterial Steri-Wipes (4 Pack)
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LiquidNano Antibacterial Steri-Wipes (4 Pack)

LiquidNano Antibacterial Steri-Wipes (4 Pack)

Conventional disinfectants are effective for a short period only, FIGHT THE HYGIENE GAP with LIQUIDNANO™ Steri-Wipe® simple, scientific long term protections. PREVENTING RECONTAMINATION FOR UP TO 10 DAYS. – Tested and proven as EFFECTIVE AGAINST 181+ Bacteria including HIV, Ebola, Influenza & Coronavirus INCLUDING COVID19 – Prevents recontamination to keep device germ free for UP TO 10 DAYS (ASTM E2180) – The ONLY way to plug the hygiene gap and protect against immediate recontamination – Just ONE WIPE cleans and protects your whole device – Trusted by hospitals – Creates oleophobic effect which improves with every application – Kills pathogens (Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi) – 4 pack – protecting 1 device for 1 month **USING NANO-TECHNOLOGY TO CLOSE THE HYGIENE GAP** Conventional disinfectants are effective immediately but this only last for a short period after application. Liquidnano Steri-Wipe surface disinfectant takes a completely different approach and in so doing closes the HYGIENE GAP that arises between disinfection cycles. Steri-Wipe uses a semi-permanent nano scale layer of Silica Dioxide (SiO2) better known as Liquid Glass to protect the surface. The technology used is the sol-gel process that develops a solid gel phase on the basis of a liquid phase. The biocides used to kill germs are embedded in the porous structure of the developing sponge-like sol-gel and are washed out again when coming into contact with water (bacteria, enveloped viruses and fungi are always surrounded by a water shell). With the continued application of the LiquidNano™ STERI-WIPE coating, a super thin layer of anti-pathogen Nano scale liquid glass is deposited on the surface. After drying, this active layer will continue to kill the pathogens which are deposited on the surfaces; in addition the surface becomes easy-to-clean. This easy-to-clean characteristic increases over the following months as each application wil

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LiquidNano Antibacterial Steri-Wipes (4 Pack)

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