Miele TSJ663 WP 9kg Freestanding Heat Pump Tumble Dryer – White



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. T1 Heat-pump tumble dryer With 1–9 kg load and WiFiConn@ct for intelligent laundry care. Tested for equivalent of 20 years’ useTested for equivalent of 20 years’ use thats 10000 wash hours equating to 5 washes per week for 20 years. Giving you peace of mind and hassle-free laundry care every time for many many years Heat PumpHeat-pump technology offers the same convenience as a condenser dryer but use up to 50% less electricity meaning it saves you money and helps the environment. Additionally the heat pump system allows the machine to be installed anywhere due to significantly less moisture and heat emissions. PerfectDryPerfectly dried clothes PerfectDry detects the mineral content of your water and adjusts the programme duration meaning no unnecessary heating and movement on your clothes. 9kg capacityThe huge genuine 9kg capacity is ideal for large families with the patented Honeycomb Drum designed to offer the gentlest laundry care. Add LoadThe AddLoad function is displayed on the control panel and gives you maximum flexibility to add washing to the programme during the cycle. EcoDry technology with A+++ energy ratingThe Eco Dry technology uses a multiple layered filtration system ensuring that the condenser unit is kept free of lint maintaining low energy consumption and high drying performance throughout the life of the appliance. Extremely quietAt only 64dB sound rating you will hardly notice the tumble dryer is working meaning no disturbance in your home or for your family. FragranceDos2Freshness for all the senses with Miele you not only have very bouncy but also beautifully fragrant laundry with use of 5 different Flacon scents. 12 programmesA range of programmes for all your essential drying needs as well as specialist programmes including Shirts Outerwear and Proofing Miele@Home with WifiFull control in the palm of the hand. Connect to the Miele@Mobile app for remote control of your tumble dryer drying advice and access to the online shop to automatically re-order your fragrances hassle free. Meanwhile the machine will inform you of progress wherever you are. Key Features . 9kg Load capacity – enough for about 45 t-shirtsSavings for the life of your tumble dryer – EcoDry technologyQuick switch between two favourite fragrances – FragranceDos²Very large loads 1-9 kgDisplay and; convenient operation at your fingertips – ComfortSensorSmart laundry care with WiFiConn@ctHumidity sensor so the dryer doesnt over dry your fabrics and damage themA+++ Energy rating to save you money off your energy bills (193 kWh/year)24 Hour delay timer so you can run the dryer whenever it suits you2 year warranty for peace of mindDimensions (mm) H850 x W596 x D643. .