Multi-split 3-Way WiFi Ready Inverter Wall Air Conditioner System with three 9000 BTU indoor units to a single outdoor



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What stands out Complete 3-way split system; three indoor units to one outdoor unit –  saves space and install timeA++/A+ Rating Rated efficiency – Stay cool without spending a lot of moneyCools heats and cleans the air – great for all year round useDoubles up as a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture in the airGreat for homes and offices; cool or heat 3 rooms at a time  from a single outdoor up to 30 sqm each or large spaces up to 80 sqm with 3 different temperature zonesWiFi Ready with easy to install WiFi usb dongle (optional) The detailsWhy would you want to install 3 air con systems when you can cool or heat efficiently 3 rooms with one elegant and easy to maintain system Imagine if before your commute to/ from home you we’re able to control the temperature of your home or office using your smartphone so the moment you arrive you’re welcomed to a toasty warm or perfectly chilled room every time. Well this is now a reality thanks to this latest technology WiFi Ready air conditioner. Just add the WiFi usb dongles and you are ready for the future. It connects to your home Wi-Fi in the same way your laptop does so you can use your smartphone to quickly monitor and manage the temperature fan speed and a host of other features from practically anywhere.There is also the addition of the latest ‘Follow Me Technology’ which adjusts the temperature of the unit according to where the remote is situated just press the ‘iFEEL’ button on the remote and you’ll get a comfortable temperature where you want not where the air con wants!The optional Wi-Fi functionality can also help you save money on your energy bills too! Let’s say for example you’re held up in a work meeting and are running an hour late home just pop your smartphone out and set the air conditioner to turn on an hour later. It gives you instant control at your fingertips – after all your smartphone is always within easy reach!When it comes to cooling performance you need look no further. This model boasts three times the BTU rating than the average wall split unit we sell which makes it more than capable of cooling or heating large areas up to 80 sqm. The heating is by heat pump and nearly 4 times cheaper than electrical heating and half the price of energy bills for central heating – saves you money and keeps you even warmer! . Essential info Power Supply 220-240V~ 50Hz 1PhIndoor Dimensions (L*D*H) (CM) 77.3×18.5x25Outdoor Net Dimensions (L*D*H) (CM) 95.5×39.5x70Indoor/Outdoor Net Weight (Kg) 8.5/55Air Flow (M3/h) 550 . More info Cooling Heating and; DehumidifyingHeat Pump for efficient heatingUltra-Quiet OperationWiFi Ready (add Usb dongle)Led displayAutomatic operationSelf-diagnosisIntelligent defrostingIntelligent preheatingComfortable sleep curvesCold PlasmaRated capacity Cooling (KW) 6.1Rated capacity Heating (KW) 6.5Power Input Cooling (KW) 1.74Power Input heating (KW) 1.6SEER/SCOP Cooling (W/W) 6.1/A++SEER/SCOP Heating (W/W) 4.0/A+Liquid side / Gas side (mm/inch) 6.35 (1/4) + 9.52 (3/8)Max. Refrigerant pipe length 15mRefrigerant type/weight R32/1.6kgPlease note. this product doesn’t come with a pipe kit View User Manual. .