NEC 60003995 32 Full HD 24/7 Operation Large Format Display



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MultiSync® V323-2 PG (Protective Glass) . Professional Protection for a Professional Display The NEC MultiSync® V323-2 PG combines professional protection of your investment with unparalleled display performance. Guaranteed reliability even under the toughest conditions is achieved with the super robust 4mm thick protective glass designed to withstanding external impacts. The anti-reflective glass surface provides crisp and clear images from different viewing angles and distances.The professional LED backlit 32 inch LCD panel with Full HD resolution is ideal where space is limited or for detailed display of content from short viewing distances such as for retail signage information screens baggage hall and check-in applications. The new design achieves reduced power consumption whilst increasing its usage range thanks to landscape and portrait orientation capability.The enhanced durability makes this the ideal signage solution in public spaces with high volumes of people such as for applications in transportation retail hospitality and digital out of home as well as for tough environments in industrial applications. Benefits . Maximum investment security – assured as the display is protected against damage from external impacts such as knocks and blows.Superb readability – supported through the use of anti-reflective and high light-transmission Conturan® protective glass from Schott.Protects the public – the thermally toughened protective glass will disintegrate into small fragments reducing the risk of injury should it suffer extreme damage.Guarantees safe operation in public areas – thanks to the flame-retardant metal construction.Excellent viewing experience – thanks to precise 10 bit colour reproduction detailed Full HD image playback and contrast-rich IPS-panel-technology.. .