Netatmo Weather Station with Wireless Outdoor Sensor



Key Features . View the weather forecast in advance for seven daysview the weather data via your smartphonemeasure the air quality humidity temperature noise and CO2 levelsCompatible with iOS and; Android . View the weather indoors and outdoors With the Netatmo personal weather station you can view all the weather details. You can also easily measure and view the climate in your home. The set consists of two modules one for inside and one for outside. You can easily view the data in the downloadable application . This app is suitable for Iphone Ipod or Ipad with iOS 9.0 or higher and with an Android 4.2 device or higher. You can view the weather forecast for seven days ahead so you know exactly what weather you can expect. You will find real-time data and graphs in the app. You can do this store and read data . A healthy air quality You can place the device in any room and then measure the air quality humidity temperature noise and CO2 levels . This can be very useful for example in a nursery or in the room of someone who suffers from asthma. In this way you can adjust the climate as well as possible to his or her needs. Protect your garden You can set notifications for extreme weather and sudden changes. For example you can receive a notification when the outside temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius. This way you know exactly when you can best cover plants and in this way you protect your garden. You can share the data with family and friends..