Nilfisk Core 125-5 Pressure Washer – 1400W


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Nilfisk Core 125-5 Pressure Washer – 1400W

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Cleaning at 35m² per hour with a 125 bar maximum pressure capability, your patio and fences will be looking like new in no time. What’s more, the practical 5m hose length, clever automatic stop/start technology, and reliable aluminium pump will completely transform your outdoor cleaning results like never before. With a compact, lightweight design, this pressure washer can be manoeuvred swiftly throughout and after your cleaning spree. After use, simply wind up the hose, reattach your lance and spray handle, and slot in the nozzles for space-saving storage. Features and Benefits High Power – The Core 125-5 Pressure Washer offers a maximum pressure of 125 bar, plenty for occasional cleaning of your patio, fencing, car or bike. Versatile – With Click&Clean co ectivity, the nozzle type can be easily be changed, and optional accessories added, depending on the cleaning area. Compact Design – Light in weight with all you need held in place, this Nilfisk washer can be manoeuvred effortlessly and stored away neatly after use. Specifications Hose Length: 5m Power Output: 1400W Cleaning Speed Index: 35m²/h Max. Pressure: 125 bar Max. Inlet Temperature: 40°C Dimensions: H71.7 x W29 x L30cm Weight: 6.4kg Colour: Blue Guarantee: 2 Years (+1 when registering through Your Nilfisk) Model Number: 128471283 What’s Included 1 x Pressure Washer 1 x Foam Sprayer 1 x Gentle Nozzle 1 x Rough Nozzle Model Comparison Model Nilfisk Core 125-5 Pressure Washer – 1400W Nilfisk Core 125-5 Home Pressure Washer -1400W Nilfisk Core 130-6 Home Pressure Washer – 1500W Nilfisk Core 140-6 Home Pressure Washer – 1800W Nilfisk Core 140-8 Home Pressure Washer – 1800W Nilfisk E 145.4-9 P Xtra Pressure Washer – 2100W Power Output 1400W 1400W 1500W 1800W 1800W 2100W Max. Pressure 125 bar 125 bar 130 bar 140 bar 140 bar 145 bar Cleaning Speed Index 35m²/h 35m²/h 35m²/h 40m²/h 40m²/h 55m²/h Hose Length 5m 5m 6m 6m 8m 9m Internal Hose Reel No No No Yes Yes Yes Dimensions H71.7 x W29 x L30cm H71.7 x W29 x L30cm H71.7 x W29 x L30cm H88.2 x W37.1 x L30cm H88.2 x W37.1 x L30cm H90 x W34.5 x L39cm Assembly Guide Amazing deals on gardens tools and accessories right here. We update our website daily with the best deals ensuring you never need to look far to find the best prices online. Amazing Robert Dyas Deals right here.

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