Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima 10 HP Portable Air Conditioner – OL01700


Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima 10 HP Portable Air Conditioner – OL01700
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Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima 10 HP Portable Air Conditioner – OL01700

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Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima 10 HP Portable Air Conditioner – OL01700

DOLCECLIMA 10 HP is the air conditioner with class A++ in heating mode that can be used 12 months a year. It pleasantly and efficiently cools the air in summer and, thanks to its heat pump, is a useful addition to traditional heating system during in-between seasons. Power, efficiency and versatility. Thanks to Blue Air Technology it provides the best comfort developing an important volume of air with the slightest sound. It comes with an advanced touch display in order to optimize the cooling performances. Features: Cooling capacity: 10.000 BTU/h Nominal cooling capacity: 2,4 kW Energy Class: Sound power: dB (A)62 Rated energy effi ciency index: EER 2,7 Rated coeffi cient of performance: COP 3,1 Refrigerant gas: R410A Multifunction remote control LCD Display Timer 12h Practical side handles Wheels Specifications: Rated cooling capacity P rated: 2.4 kW Maximum cooling capacity (35°C / 80%UR): 10000 BTU/h Rated heating power P rated: 2.40 kW Maximum heating capacity: 9600 BTU/h Rated absorbed power in cooling mode PEER: 0.90 kW Rated current in cooling mode: 3.90 A Rated absorbed power in heating mode PCOP: 0.80 kW Rated current in heating mode: 3.44 A Rated efficiency energy ratio: 2.7 EERd Rated Coefficient of performance: 3.1 COPd Energy efficiency class in cooling mode: A Energy efficiency class in heating mode: A++ Thermostat off mode power consumption PTO: 29W Standby mode power consumption (EN 62301) PSB: 1.0W Hourly electricity consumption for single duct cooling function QSD: 0.9 kWh/h Hourly electricity consumption for single duct heating function QSD: 0.8 kWh/h Power supply voltage: 230V-1F-50Hz Minimum/maximum power supply voltage: 198 / 264V Maximum absorbed power in cooling mode: 880W Maximum current absorption in cooling mode: 3.90 A Maximum absorbed power in heating mode: 850W Maximum current absorption in heating mode: 3.80 A Dehumidification rate: 1.0 l/h Room air volume: Max: 410 m³/h/ Med: 345 m³/h/ Min: 255 m³/h Outdoor air volume: 430 m³/h Ventilation speed: 3 Flexible pipe: Length: 1500mm x Diameter: 120mm Maximum remote control range: Distance: 8m/Angle: ±80° Dimensions (without packaging): Width: 460mm x Height: 767mm x Depth: 395mm Dimensions (with packaging): Width: 484mm x Height: 852mm x Depth: 448mm Weight (without packing): 29 kg Weight (with packing): 33 kg Sound power level (indoor only) (EN 12102) LWA: 62 dB(A) Sound pressure level (min-max): 41-48 dB(A) Protection level: IP 10 Refrigerant gas* Type: R410A Global warming potential of refrigerant GWP kgCO2 eq.: 2088 Refrigerant gas charge: 0.46kg Maximum operating pressure: 3.60 MPa Maximum operating pressure (low pressure side): 2.10 MPa Power cable (N° pole x section mm2): 3 x 1.5 Fuse: 10AT

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