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The Nexus from Rangemaster offers a contemporary style cooker that delivers performance and scores high on on its sleek design. The model boasts a range of new features which distinguishes the Nexus making it unique to the range. Rotary ControlsDistinctive features include the ultra modern rotary controls which are made from diamond turned aluminium for durability. Not only do they offer a more ergonomic feel but they also provide a firm grip thanks to the rubberised ‘o ring’ design. Deluxe HotplateOur ever-popular deluxe multi-zoned hotplate is now available on the new NEXUS range boasting robust sit-on semi-gloss finished cast iron pan supports ideal for flexible cooking. It also enhances the streamlined look creating a luxurious finish to this statement appliance. New and Improved GrillThe NEXUS also comes with an improved grill which offers even more cooking flexibility and capacity thanks to its deeper pan design. It also includes a four-way trivet for four grilling depth options to suit every type of dish. Bread Proving DrawerThe NEXUS 110cm also includes a proving drawer – a unique feature for the range cooker market. This drawer enables a controlled warm environment operated by a simple on off switch and has slots in the base that allow warm air to flow in and prove dough perfectly. Key Features . Bread proving drawer heats up to 30-45°CA new and improved grill and pan with 4 height settingsLower left 7 function oven with huge 73 litre capacityUpper right fanned oven with huge 73 litre capacityCatalytic liners in both ovens for easier cleaning – these turn the grease that splatters onto them to ash so it can be easily wiped awayEasy to use rotary (knob) controlsNew 3 button programmable timer lets you turn the oven and off at pre-set times giving you flexibilityNew plinth design branded RangemasterNew Catch-riteâ„¢ door fixture – All doors are now fitted with the new all stainless steel door catch. A superior mechanism that under testing shows longevity of over 50 yearsAll Rangemaster range cookers have Steadfastâ„¢ pan supports as standard. Eliminating wobble and potential spills Steadfastâ„¢ is only available on Rangemaster. .