Rointe Kyros KRI1600RAD3 1600W Electric Radiator 1330 15 Elements


Rointe Kyros KRI1600RAD3 1600W Electric Radiator 1330 15 Elements
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Rointe Kyros KRI1600RAD3 1600W Electric Radiator 1330 15 Elements

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Rointe Kyros KRI1600RAD3 1600W Electric Radiator 1330 15 Elements

Note: this is an upgrade to KRI0660RAD2 Kyros Low Consumption Radiator – 15 Elements Designed exclusively for space heating, this Rointe 1600W Kyros Low Consumption Radiator is constructed of several vertical elements whose design facilitates natural air convection and whose material (injected aluminium) has an extremely high heat transfer coefficient. Characteristics In the Kyros radiator test, a 1,400W model is used to simulate the heating of a 12m sq. room with the thermostat set to 21°C. The average power needed during the test was 560W, which represents 40% of the nominal power, offering an equivalent ratio of consumption. And if you multiply the nominal power by the equivalent ratio of consumption, the result is the effective power along with low consumption. The high resolution 1.77 inch TFT screen installed on the Kyros radiators allows the information displayed to be visible with the maximum clarity from any angle. Rointe radiators are 24/7 programmable, both with their control panel and M Series remote allowing users to create a heating programme adapted to their specific requirements for enhanced comfort while saving time, energy and money. Install Rointe heating and forget about problems or maintenance. There is 10 years guarantee on aluminium and 2 years guarantee on electric and electronic components. New Functions and Modes The Open Windows function is one of the new features introduced in Rointe’s Kyros radiators. This function is invoked when the room temperature sensor detects a drop of 4°C from the user-assigned temperature over a half hour period. Under these circumstances, the function will apply anti-frost mode (8°C) for 2 hours, reverting to normal functionality at the end of this period, or when the user intervenes by pressing the ON/OFF button. One of the improvements that the new Rointe TFT screen offers is the ability to control the screen brightness. This allows the user to set their preferred brightness in both ON and stand-by modes. The Kyros radiators allow users to interrogate the radiator to discover both the Nominal Power and Effective Power of the product. This allows us to quickly and easily calculate how the radiator is performing under the given installation conditions. Rointe guarantees the electric radiators of the range KYROS in 20 years on the aluminum body and in 3 years on electrical and electronic components.

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