Siemens KI86FPF30G iQ700 177x56cm 223L Integrated Fridge Freezer With Double hyperFresh Drawers



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. Premium refrigerator-freezer with hyperFresh premium 0C to keep food fresh up to 3 times longer. Your fridge knows what your food needs freshSenseEven the slightest changes in temperature like the sun shining on the fridge freezer can affect the conditions inside the fridge and thus the freshness of your food. To prevent this freshSense measures the temperature on the inside and the outside of the fridge and knows when the surrounding conditions change. As soon as a change is registered the control system immediately takes countermeasures to ensure your food stays fresh for as long as possible. No more defrosting the noFrost technologyWith noFrost a ventilation system diverts the humidity from the freezer compartment. As a result the air remains dry. This reliably prevents frost from forming on the inside of the appliance or on your food. Flexibly use the freezer compartment the varioZoneYou can remove drawers and the glass shelves between the drawers allowing you to customise your freezer space. Brings more light into the dark LED lightingThe new integrated long-lasting LED lights are flush in the side walls or ceiling and illuminate the interior uniformly and perfectly without blinding you. Shatterproof and easy to clean the safetyGlass shelvesAll glass shelves are made from extra strong easy-to-clean safety glass. If something tips over the spillage is contained and does not spill into the rest of the refrigerator compartment. Freeze super large quantities super fast superFreezingTo prevent thawing of frozen foods when placing large quantities of new food in the freezer simply activate the superFreezing button before going shopping. The appliance will then automatically cool down to a temperature as cold as 30C so that newly stored foods do not interrupt the freezing process. Stable temperature superCoolingYou can use the superCooling button to quickly reduce the temperature in the refrigerator to +2C. This prevents an undesirable rise in the temperature of your already chilled food whenever you add food that is not as cold. Ideal for large frozen food items and much more the bigBoxAn entire leg of lamb several pizzas or a tall container full of freshly picked blueberries for especially large or cumbersome food items you need an extra-large storage space. The bigBox gives you plenty of space to accommodate and stack everything. And when you need an even larger space all the drawers and shelves can be easily removed from the freezer compartment quickly putting the entire freezer space at your disposal. Food stays fresh up to 3x longer hyperFresh premium 0CBoth the temperature and humidity are crucial for preserving freshness for longer. The hyperFresh premium 0C drawers – one for fruits and vegetables with humidity control and one for fish and meat – provide clear benefits thanks to differing humidity levels. Your food remains fresh for up to three times longer and vitamins are preserved for significantly longer. The separate compartments also avoid unpleasant odour transfer. Always reliable the multiAlarm systemThe multiAlarm system notifies you visually and acoustically when the temperature rises which can happen for example if the door is left open. holidayModeThe holidayMode setting gives you energy-saving cooling while youre away. Key Features . All foods stay fresher for longer thanks to the hyperFresh premium 0 C drawersnoFrost technology prevents icing and frosting so you never have to defrost againAll eyes on freshness The Premium LED lighting with its side and top lights illuminate every corner of your fridgeeasyInstallation Thanks to easyInstallation almost all brackets including screws for fixing are pre-assembledThe bigBox offers plenty of space to store and stack large frozen items efficiently223 Lit