Stellar Stay Cool 4-Piece Draining Saucepan Set


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Stellar Stay Cool 4-Piece Draining Saucepan Set

You can cook to your heart’s content with this handy Stellar Stay Cool 4-Piece Draining Saucepan Set. These pans come in three different sizes of 16, 18 and 20cm to suit all of your catering needs with a 24cm frying pan for that delicious bacon sarnie at the weekend! They have outstanding performance thanks to their even heat distribution on all hob types so you can become a master at cooking and they’re even suitable for induction. These pans are engineered with you in mind to give you much cooler handling compared to other metal handles and knobs so you can feel safe moving these around your kitchen. Each of these pans comes with a silicone rimmed lid that will retain the nutrients to give you a much healthier cooking process and preventing over boiling at the same time. This set of pans is a time saver thanks to the double-sided draining lids that have been conveniently designed for you when cooking pasta or vegetables. They even have internal measuring guides so that you can accurately measure out some milk or water to add to your pan with ease! Once you’re finished cooking you can just pop them in your dishwasher and sit back and relax to eat.  Features and Benefits Time-saving – With double-sided draining you can easily pour the boiling water from these pans. Cooler handling – Each of these pans is engineered to be cool to handle compared to traditional handles and knobs. With lids – Each of these saucepans comes with a lid to help prevent over boiling as it will let the hot steam escape and they are silicone rimmed to give you healthier cooking. Easy to clean – Once you’re done simply pop these pans into your dishwasher so that you can sit back and enjoy your finished results.  Specifications Includes lids Material: Stainless steel Colour: Silver Guarantee: Lifetime What’s Included 16cm non-stick milk pan 18cm draining saucepan (with lid) 20cm draining saucepan (with lid) 24cm non-stick frying pan

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