Team 8GB Micro SDHC Class 10 Flash Card with Adapter



. As high-resolution videos becomes more popular Team Group Inc. exclusively released the premium high transfer speed multimedia storage microSDHC Class 10.and is downward compatible with SD 2.0; With FAT32 file systemand provides a minimum transfer rate of 6 MB/s images video game or Commercial and other applications. Which can give user satisfy today's diverse multimedia needs.Together with Team Group's adaptor the microSDHC Class 10 memory card is compatible with all digital devices available on the market marked with SDHC and; MiniSDHC support. Device such as cell phones digital cameras (DSC) MP3 players gaming devices and personal digital assistants (PDA). Through microSDHC Class 10 user can fully enjoy high quality multimedia life with high storage performance.– Fully compatible with SD 2.0 Standards– Only 10% the size of a standard SD card– Easy to use plug-and-play operation.