TENDA U6 USB Wireless Adapter – N300, Single-band


TENDA U6 USB Wireless Adapter – N300, Single-band
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TENDA U6 USB Wireless Adapter – N300, Single-band

TENDA U6 USB Wireless Adapter – N300, Single-band

Enjoy a consistent WiFi connection to your laptop or desktop, with the Tenda U6 USB Wireless Adapter. With an antenna that can be rotated to receive the strongest signal, it’s the perfect way to get online in areas of your home without a good connection.And if you want to keep your smartphone and devices connected to the WiFi without any dip in reception, try Soft AP mode. It turns your Tenda U6 USB Wireless Adapter into a WiFi hotspot that provides reliable connectivity for all your other nearby devices – handy when your router is on the other side of the house.

This handy little device from
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TENDA U6 USB Wireless Adapter – N300, Single-band

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