Urbanista New York Active Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones – Dark Clown


Urbanista New York Active Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones – Dark Clown
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Urbanista New York Active Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones – Dark Clown

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Urbanista New York Active Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones – Dark Clown

If you fancy listening to your favourite tunes  without that annoying wire getting in the way then Bluetooth headphones are the way forward for you. Bluetooth earphones allow you to play music from your smartphone or other device with ease.

Some headphones will offer an extended battery life, which means you don’t have to panic about charging them, there are some wireless headphones that last up to 40 hours before charging them – so you can listen to them for your entire week at work if you like, just don’t tell your boss!

Nowadays headphones aren’t straight forward where you just pick up a pair and that’s it done, there’s a lot more to think about when choosing between the classic wired and wireless headphones. Wired headphones don’t tend to have a battery, so you can listen for as long as you like without the need to charge them up, you can also use them to listen to non-Bluetooth devices as well.

Wireless headphones give you the freedom of movement and are now what you see in most young peoples ears when walking down the street or in any office. The main benefit of these is you won’t need to untangle any wires. Many wireless headsets have features on the ears which are offering the same functionality as classic old school wired headphones.

Noise cancelling headphones are really what most people want when they purchase some earphones aren’t they, it’s great to stay focused on whatever you’re doing. There’s some great technology that goes into these nowadays such as Active-noise cancelling headphones that use a microphone to pick up noise from your surroundings such as somebody talking, traffic or even the television and analyse the sound waves to create its own identical sound wave that effectively mutes external noise. It then chucks this sound wave into your listening making it a much purer and richer sound.

Volume and sound quality High Res audio is what everyone looks for, especially if you’re well into your sound.  These headphones produce the finest of sounds and ensure that no part of the music is lot. A lot of Curry’s headphones nowadays support High-Resolution Audio and other HD quality formats so you’re able to hear every sound possible which is something that’s often missing with an MP3 or when streaming YouTube.

So whether you’re shopping for earpods or Beats studio, Beats solo headsets, Bose, Sony or Apple Airpods we have something for you.

New York Bluetooth headphones featuring active noise cancellation (ANC) means you can wear them at the office or in the bustling streets and enjoy your music undisturbed. With the ANC feature on, you get 16 hours of noise-free, pure musical enjoyment on one single charge. With the ANC feature off, you get 25 hours of wireless music and calls. Should you ever run out of power, you can connect them to your device with the complimentary cable. Features and Benefits Urbanista Signature Sound – New York combines sleek design with a kick-ass clear sound, crisp highs and boosted bass through 40mm speakers via wireless Bluetooth v4.1. Active Noise Cancelling – Immerse yourself in your music wherever you may be. The New York wireless over-ears with Active Noise Cancellation let you tune the world out with the push of a button. Comfortable fit – The protein leather headphone cushions with isolating memory foam mould to the shape of your ears to give you an enjoyable music experience. Up to 25 hours wireless music – With the ANC feature off, you get up to 25 hours of wireless music and calls. With the ANC feature on, you get up to 16 hours of noise-free, pure musical enjoyment on one single charge. Travel Companion – New York headphones come with a complementary travel bag where you also have space for your passport and boarding pass. These headphones are sturdy and have a practical folding function that saves room and makes them easy to pack. Breathtakingly Beautiful – New York combines the best that Scandinavian design has to offer: a minimalistic look and many functional features. Specifications Advanced Noise Cancellation: ANC button Ideal for home, work or on the go Comfortable fit: soft, over-ear headphones with memory foam cushions Sleek design with adjustable headband Manage music & calls, or activate voice control (Siri) Includes a soft canvas bag to carry the headphones and travel essentials Bluetooth: 4.1 Speaker size: φ40mm Sensitivity: 94dB±3dB At 1KHz Impedance: 32?15? Frequency range: 2.4GHz-2.48GHz Hands-free with microphone and volume control Stand-by time: 700 hrs Playtime: 16 hrs with ANC, 25 hrs without ANC Charging: Micro USB,

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Urbanista New York Active Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones – Dark Clown

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