VPL-CW256 Installation Projector C Series 4500lm WXGA 3700_1



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. The VPL-CW256 offers installation flexibility energy efficiency with a low total cost of ownership and high image quality while boasting a stylish design that blends into any decor.Image correction features and a lens shift/zoom capability enable users to easily fit any image onto the screen even from an offset projection angle.In addition these installation projectors are thoughtfully designed for optimum energy efficiency with a reduced total cost of ownership. They feature an auto power saving function picture muting function with lamp control technology long-lasting lamp and low power consumption.Every model delivers high image quality. The VPL-CW256 offers 4500 lumens* brightness and supports wide screen projection with WXGA resolution.With all the features and functionality that you expect from Sony – particularly easy installation and usability energy efficiency and low maintenance and dependable image quality – the VPL-CW256 is ideal for mid- to large-size classrooms conference rooms and many similar environments..