WSIO-3T223-PCE-X 10-Place Built-in Slimline Dishwasher 7 Progs Class A++


For time and energy efficiency, the Whirlpool Supreme Clean WSIO 3T223 PCE X Built-In Dishwasher accommodates up to 10 place settings, giving you a choice of eight programs – including a 9L cycle – plus flexible racking options. Ensuring efficiency, 6TH SENSE intelligent sensors detect the level of soiling, then automatically adjusts the wash cycle and pressure to suit. Environmental and economically sound, save up to 50% in energy, water and time with exceptionally clean results. Providing flexibility for awkward shaped platters, cumbersome pans as well as delicate glass and chinaware, the Adjustable Upper Basket together and Third Rack provides all the space you need for optimum washing performance. Operated via Digital Display and featuring a Delay Start timer, Super Silent Motor and A++ energy rating, the Whirlpool Supreme Clean WSIO 3T223 PCE X Built-In Dishwasher offers a versatile dishwashing solution. Powerful water jets on the rear of the machine work to deliver supreme cleaning results on the toughest soil. The intelligent sensors detect the level of dirt and adapt the water pressure accordingly.  6TH SENSE technology automatically senses how dirty the dishes are and adapts the cycle time and water pressure accordingly. Providing great cleaning results with up to 50% savings in water and time. *Based on internal testing. Percentage calculated between the minimum and maximum water and time consumption of the 6TH SENSE programme