Xiaomi LED Smart Colour Wifi Bulb with E26 ending – Alexa & Google Home Compatible



Key Features . Compatible with both Amazon Alexa and; Google HomeChoose from over a million colour combinations to match your moodAdjust the brightness of the bulb without the hassle of installing a dimmer switchSet the lights to come on at a pre-set time ideal for when youre not at homeUse the dedicated Mi Home App for iOS and; Android . Light up your night with a warm glow Light color has a profound effect on the human senses. It can stimulate the nervous system and it has a significant influence on emotional and psychological states. Different color temperatures can also help improve the quality of people’s lives. Slowly increasing the intensity of lighting to a certain point before you wake up can improve your mood and make getting up easier. But lighting can do even more than this it can bring magic to your life. Streaming In streaming mode light continuously cycles through different lighting atmospheres. The cycle rhythm can also be adjusted to create more surprise or more romance. Atmosphere Lighting You can create the perfect lighting atmosphere for an immersive and thrilling home entertainment experience. Intelligent Colour Scanning Intelligent colour scanning technology can pick up the colours from a photo and filter them through your light. Light that helps you create beauty The Yeelight LED Light Bulb features a professional optical structure combined with high-quality LEDs (light-emitting diodes) creating a stable light source without any flicker that provides your eyes with the greatest protection possible. At the same time it has color temperatures that range from 1700K to 6500K and are fully adjustable. Warm lighting that relaxes the body and mind When hosting guests a slightly dimmer warmer light can create a relaxing environment that allows for more fluid and natural interaction between friends. Yeelight’s adjustable color temperatures and brightness levels always give you exactly the lighting you want. Remote control allows you to make adjustments anytime and anywhere Wi-Fi enabled and intergrade with Xiaomi Smart Sensors you can connect to your bulbs without any gateway and control them with a single touch of your phone. Turn off the light for your kids without making any noise dim the lights without getting out of bed switch off automatically when leaving home it's all about simplifying your life. Control multiple lights at the same time If you want to control multiple lights at the same time to create a little bit of surprise or a little bit of romance the group control function allows you to easily control multiple light bulbs at once. 11 years of stable reliable light that will always be there This energy-saving bulb emits 600 lumens of light and consumes just 9 Watts. To achieve the same level of brightness other energy-saving light bulbs use 12 Watts and incandescent light bulbs use 60 Watts. At the same time its core components are made up of only high-quality 100% imported materials with an operating life of over 11 years and an average light decay only 8% over 9000 hours..